10 Perfect Food & Wine Pairings

From whites to reds and many in between, try exploring some new wines that pair perfectly with these dishes and flavors. The wine will enhance the food and vice versa.

Chardonnay & Salmon
A dry, medium-bodied Chardonnay pairs great with light meats like fish and other seafood in flavorful sauces.

Pinot Noir & Earthy Flavors
Pair a deep Pinot Noir with earthy, savory flavors like mushroom dishes or hearty pizzas.

Cabernet & Red Meat
A rich wine needs a rich dish. That’s why Cabernet and red meat pair so well together.

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Sauvignon Blanc & Tart Flavors
Sip a Sauvignon Blanc and pair it with a tart dressing or sauce for a flavorful zing.

Rosé & Cheesy Dishes
When it comes to cheese, Rosé is your go-to because it has the acidity of white wine while still maintaining the fruity notes of red.

Riesling & Sweet, Spicy Flavors
Lightly sweet, many Rieslings help balance spicy dishes while complementing sweetness as well.

Sparkling & Salty Flavors
Sparkling wines usually have notes of sweetness in them, perfect for complementing salty foods and snacks. Same goes for champagne.

Syrah & Spiced Dishes
For heavily spiced dishes, choose Syrah to help finish out the flavor of your dish.

Zinfandel & Rich Plates
The richness of Zinfandel complements the richness of foods like pâtés, mousses, and terrines.

A good rule of thumb is to pair red wines with red meats and fatty, hearty dishes. White wines are best with lighter flavors, perfect for fish and poultry.

We hope you enjoy exploring these new culinary opportunities!

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