$78 Heating Tuneup

Heating_MaintenanceDid you know your gas furnace or heat pump was designed to have professional maintenance every year? We service and maintain any brand of HVAC systems, including yours!

Just like changing the oil in your car, maintenance of your heating system will:

  • Greatly extend the life of your system
  • Improve efficiency and overall comfort
  • Drastically lower your energy bills
  • Help avoid costly breakdowns this winter

Our $78 Heating Tune-up Worry Free Guarantee

When you schedule our $78 Heating Tune-up (first system), we’re so confident we’ll have your system in working order for winter that we’ll waive our trip fee for any future visit this heating season! Simply scroll down to our scheduling form to get your home on our schedule.

Want to know the items carefully checked during your heating tune-up?

The Holtkamp Heating 21-Point Precision Tune-up Checklist Includes:

1. Perform combustion analysis.
2. Clean heat exchanger as needed.
3. Check thermostat operation.
4. Clean burners as needed.
5. Check and adjust safety controls.
6. Clean flame sensor.
7. Check ignition devices.
8. Check gas pressure.
9. Check entering and leaving temperatures.
10. Check vent piping and venting.
11. Lubricate as needed.
12. Check for gas leaks at furnace.
13. Inspect heat exchanger for safety defects.
14. Check gas valve operations.
15. Clean and/or replace filters.
16. Check combustion air.
17. Adjust pilot.
18. Measure volt & amps.
19. Measure CO levels.
20. Check pressure switch.
21. Check overall system performance.

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