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A Trusted Family-Owned HVAC Company

When the sticky Georgia humidity settles in and temperatures soar, you depend on your air conditioning to keep cool comfort inside your Lilburn home. But AC units work hard during our sweltering summers, and repairs are often inevitable. Choosing the right company for prompt, honest, expert AC service makes all the difference in minimizing costs and sweat.

As a trusted family-owned business providing exceptional HVAC service in Lilburn for over 25 years, Holtkamp Heating & Air has a proven track record you can rely on. From routine maintenance to complex system issues, our highly trained technicians have the experience to accurately assess problems, clearly explain your options, and deliver quality repairs tailored to your specific needs and budget.

We truly care about our customers – that’s why we offer fair pricing, faster response times, longer equipment life through preventative tune-ups, and customized solutions using the latest techniques. When you need to call in the AC pros, call Holtkamp Heating & Air to keep your cool.

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Our AC Services

From installations to tune-ups and repairs, Holtkamp Heating & Air provides reliable air conditioning services to keep you comfortable.

AC Installation

Whether you need a complete system installation or are adding AC to an existing home, we have the experience to get the job done right. Plus we stand behind our work with long-term warranties.

AC Tune-Ups & Maintenance

Just like changing the oil in your car, yearly AC tune-ups and maintenance keep your system running optimally and can prevent costly repairs. Our plan is thorough and cost-effective.

AC Repair

Of course, with heavy summer use repairs may become necessary. You can trust that our technicians will accurately assess the problem, clearly explain the issue, and recommend repair options tailored to your system and budget. We stock most parts locally so repairs can usually be made promptly.

Other Services

In addition to AC work, we also provide full-service heating installation, maintenance, and repair along with indoor air quality assessments and solutions. Our team can handle all of your temperature comfort needs!

The Importance of Annual AC Tune-Ups

You likely wouldn’t drive your car for years without routine oil changes and maintenance. It’s just as important to get yearly tune-ups for your home AC system. Our Whole House Comfort Plan provides an annual 20-point tune-up, saving you 15% off regular repair rates if issues later occur.

Benefits include:

Improved Efficiency: A well-maintained unit runs more efficiently, keeping electricity bills lower. Studies show yearly tune-ups can reduce costs by as much as 40%.

Extended Equipment Life: Routine maintenance identifies minor problems before they become major repairs, adding 5-10 years to the system’s functional lifespan.

Increased Capacity: Dirty components reduce airflow and functionality. Cleaning improves cooling capacity. Tune-ups ensure your AC works its best when you need it most.

Fewer Repairs: Catching small issues early on avoids system failures in peak summer. 60% of AC repairs are preventable through regular maintenance.

Better Air Quality: Changing filters and cleaning components improves indoor air quality for a healthier home. 

Peace of Mind: Knowing your AC is regularly assessed for proper and efficient operation provides comfort and confidence heading into warm weather. 

By investing just a little now in preventative maintenance, you save substantially over time in avoided repairs and replacements.

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Common AC Problems

Central Georgia’s hot, humid climate puts home AC systems to the test. While robust units can last over 15 years with proper maintenance, repairs are sometimes unavoidable. Here are some of the most common issues our experts address:

Low Refrigerant: Over time, refrigerant can slowly leak out, reducing cooling ability. We can test levels and top off the R-410A refrigerant 

Drainage Problems: Clogged condensate drains prevent humidity removal, causing AC coils to freeze with reduced airflow. We clear buildup for proper drainage.

Dirty Filters & Coils: Dust and debris lower efficiency and use more energy. Cleaning improves capacity. Checking filters should be part of regular maintenance.

Electrical Issues: Faulty capacitors, contactors, fuses or wiring connections disrupt the AC system. Our techs are adept troubleshooters.

Noisy Operation: Unusual noises like grinding, squeaking or banging indicate mechanical problems. We identify the origin and recommend fixes.

Compressor Failure: At the heart of the AC system, compressor breakdown is serious. Depending on the system’s age, we offer replacement or new AC installation options.

With deep expertise in central and ductless AC systems, our team has seen it all. We’ll accurately diagnose even complex repair issues and clearly explain recommended solutions. You can feel at ease knowing the job will be done right.

Why Choose Holtkamp?


Family-Owned & Operated: As a third-generation, family-owned business serving the Lilburn community for over 25 years, you can trust that we truly care about our customers. Our AC technicians live right here in the community.

Highly-Trained Technicians: Our team completes at least 100 hours per year of continuing education and training to be up-to-date on the latest techniques and technology. You can be confident in their expertise.

Upfront Pricing: We provide fair, transparent estimates ahead of time so you aren’t surprised by the cost. Our priority is your satisfaction.

Fast Response Times: When you need prompt assistance, we pride ourselves on faster response times while still providing quality work. We typically can have a truck at your door within 24 hours.

When the summer heat has your home feeling hot and bothered, you want confidence your AC will keep the environment cool, calm, and collected at all times. By choosing Holtkamp Heating & Air for seasonal maintenance as well as prompt expert repairs, you gain peace of mind knowing your AC is in competent, caring hands.

As a leading provider of air conditioning installation, service, and repair in the Lilburn area, we’ve built our reputation by consistently providing quality work at fair prices. We stand behind that commitment with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our polite, punctual technicians truly listen and communicate openly so you understand what to expect. Don’t sweat it – let our highly skilled team handle all your temperature comfort needs.

Call Holtkamp Heating & Air today to schedule service and gain some cool relief this summer.

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