All Lifetime Warranties Are Not Equal

Thanks to Bob, a recent customer, who called and asked us to explain our Lifetime Warranty in a little more detail. Bob has seen and heard a few other HVAC companies advertising their “Lifetime Warranty” and wanted to know if they were the same. We always appreciate questions from customer, especially questions like these.

The simple answer is “not all lifetime warranties are created equal”. We can’t speak for the other guys; you’ll have to call them and ask for documentation. The Holtkamp Lifetime Parts & Labor Warranty is backed by a $100,000 surety bond that is on file with the State of Georgia, Insurance Commissioner. Many so called Lifetime Warranties are simply a person’s or company’s word that you’re covered. It pays to check it out. To learn more about our Lifetime Warranty, read on here. And remember, Lifetime Comfort is Easy with Holtkamp Heating & Air!

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