Allergy Aggravations Can Be Lessened With HVAC Duct Sealing

Well folks, the Atlanta yellow dust has arrived. You know what I mean. That nasty pollen cloud that sticks to everything like glue. Great for the flowers. Bad for those who suffer from allergies. But there’s hope. Along with your visit to your doctor, here’s something to mull over.

In a perfect world, those who suffer from allergies would never be exposed to any pollen. Many think this can be accomplished by simply staying indoors. But unless you’re the boy in the bubble, this is a little unrealistic. The next line of defense seems to be duct cleaning. Problem is that duct cleaning may clean your ducts but when the AC kicks back on, the same allergens are circulated through the ductwork again. Why? The sources were never eliminated. These sources could be your attic, your crawlspace, your basement. You may very well be pulling in insulation, outside dust, pollen and mold spores from the outside without even knowing it.

If you or someone in your family suffers from allergies, I challenge you to consider the sources in your home. Sealing your heating and cooling ductwork and sealing outside air infiltration can significantly reduce these allergens from your home. Add an Aprilaire Whole House Filtration System and now you’re talking clean! We have had countless customers who have greatly reduced their allergy symptoms by sealing their ducts and installing an Aprilaire Filtration System.

So don’t wait until everyone starts to resemble Daffy Duck in their nice, yellow pollen outfit. Call us now and we can conduct an on-site blower door test. This will pinpoint outside air leaks and then determine how leaky your ductwork is. Seal these two areas and you’ll breeze through pollen season with a smile on your non-yellow stained lips…

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