An Inspiring Holtkamp CAN Challenge Story

If you have been keeping up with our updates on the CAN Challenge page, you’ll see that we are approaching the 8 ton mark for food and hygiene items collected so far in 2011. Wanted to share an inspiring story with you on how more and more neighbors are accepting the CAN Challenge.

Pictured below are Rachel (age 9) and Kendall (age 6) who chose to collect food for a Gwinnett food bank in lieu of presents this year for their birthday. They asked those who would be attending their party or giving them gifts to give the gift of food instead. As a result, they collected 108 lbs. of items! Way to go, girls! You definitely accepted the CAN Challenge. And a beautiful way of doing it as well!


Our local food banks are still in great need. If belong to a 501(c)3 nonprofit and want to conduct a food drive, your nonprofit can earn $250 for every 1000 items you collect. See other ways you can help here. We can fight local hunger, one CAN at a time.

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