Aurora Theatre Presents the Fourth Annual Festival of Trees

Hard to believe that Thanksgiving is but a few days away and Christmas is but a few weeks.  My usual bah-humbug attitude has received a jolt this year.  You see, I have been enlisting elves of all sorts to prepare the Holtkamp Heating & Air Christmas tree which was put on display in the Aurora Theatre for the 4th Annual Festival of Trees.  Yes, the below picture shows some of those elves preparing cans to build our tree; you didn’t think we’d have just an ordinary tree, did you?


Over 30 companies and organizations have “done it up” on trees of all shapes and colors, filling the Aurora Theatre lobby with good cheer and well, yes… lots of lights.  The lobby is open for all to view the beautiful trees and I am counting on all of you to come armed with unwrapped toys and canned goods to vote for the Holtkamp Tree!  Simply place these items underneath our tree and you will have registered your vote (or 4 or 5 or 100) for the Holtkamp Tree to be named “Best of the Fest”.  All toys will be donated to Toys for Tots and all canned goods are part of our Gwinnett CAN Challenge.  Check here if you’d like to secure tickets for Aurora’s Christmas Canteen, the longest-running Gwinnett Holiday show!

But most importantly, don’t forget to vote!  (Matthew always wins everything and it’s my turn to bring home that shiny trophy – Hey, Al, the winner does get a trophy, right???)


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