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If you’ve got family headed your way for the holidays, here are some of my best tips to make sure your house is safe and sound. Clear Away Clutter Fall is a great time to declutter your home and make space for guests. While rearranging furniture or switching rugs, it’s important to make sure nothing […]

Throw these tasty pecans in a mason jar with a festive ribbon for the perfect hostess gift or “take home” gift for your guests. They’re great as a snack, appetizer or even on salads. Careful, it’s easy to eat a lot of these candied pecans! Ingredients 2 cups pecans 1/2 cup granulated sugar 3 tbsp […]

As the weather cools down, there’s nothing more comforting than a warm bowl of soup served with crusty bread. This easy and quick potato leek soup makes a great starter, and is filling enough to be an entree. With a few dashes of our Holtkamp Heatwave Hot Sauce, it will definitely keep you warm this […]

Practical Tips to Best Take Good Care of Your Furnace

The furnace consumes about 45% of the energy used by the average American family. Having your furnace serviced regularly is crucial if you want it to function at its best. Several factors go into making the correct equipment and keeping it in good condition.  The Best Ways to Take Care of Your Furnace  In general, […]

Why Your Air Conditioner May Be Causing Your Sore Throat

Indoor air quality and your overall comfort can be improved with the help of air conditioning units. However, when not maintained regularly, these can cause sore throats and other respiratory problems.  If your air conditioner is giving you a sore throat, here are the possible reasons:  Your Air Conditioning Unit Is Dirty  Sore throats are […]

6 Common Causes of Air Conditioning Malfunction

When your AC doesn’t turn on, it can be frustrating, especially if it’s hot outside. But before you call a technician, there are several things you can do to troubleshoot the problem. There are a number of reasons why air conditioners may malfunction. In some cases, the problem may be due to a simple issue […]

7 Benefits of Timely AC Repairs You Should Know About

Your air conditioning unit was never designed to run optimally forever. Eventually it will start to wear down and it will stop doing its job efficiently. This is where air conditioning repairs come into play. Regular air conditioner repairs by your local company or technician can ensure that your air conditioning units will continue to […]

AC Maintenance 101: Basic Tips on How to Maintain Your AC

In this current economic turmoil, making the most out of each purchase would be prudent. Whether these items are new or not, you want them to last longer. You can do that by doing regular maintenance.  You have to apply this principle to your AC unit because you can save a lot of money by […]

Does it get any better than juicy, flavorful burgers? You can keep them casual for a delicious backyard meal, or class them up with a glass of red wine for dinner. Either way, we have some solid tips to help you build a better burger! From choosing the right beef to adding some savory ingredients, […]

This time of year I typically see friends complaining on Facebook about their electric bills. No doubt about it, this has been one long, hot summer, and everyone is about to get their highest bills in memory. Folks are often searching for comparisons to someone else’s bill, but no two homes are alike. So, with […]

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