CAN Challenge Success at the Taste of Home Show

Nothing says fall like cool air outside, comfortable air inside and the cozy smell of home-cooked, comfort meals being made. And what better way to catch up on the latest foodie treats and help fill local food bank shelves than at the Taste of Home Cooking Show at the Gwinnett Arena. This past Thursday, the Holtkamp crew set up shop alongside the delicious vendors and cooking demonstrations to collect donations for the Lilburn Co-op, one of the nine local food banks supported through the Gwinnett CAN Challenge.

Holtkamp Booth at the Taste of Home Show with Lizzie and Theresa Stewart

Everyone who donated was also entered to win a free iPad, and with over 1,100 in attendance, our booth was humming with donations. We were pleasantly surprised when the previous year’s iPad winner came to visit our booth during the show, and especially touched when we announced this year’s winner, Angel, and she came to us in tears explaining how she brought in 67 items for the drive just because she felt called to help this year. We are so glad she was moved to help—and got an iPad to boot!

Over One Ton of Food Donations

Thanks to the generosity of many, we were able to collect 1,574 items and $512 in donations—which translates into a little over one ton (yes, one ton) of food! We know this food will mean so much to many families during the upcoming holiday season. Great job, everyone!

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