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Want to get the most out of your home heating sytem? Here are five great home heating tips from Matthew Holtkamp to keep the heat inside your home, where it belongs! 5 Home Heating Tips from Holtkamp HVAC 1. Check for drafts and insulation. Keep your heated air and humidity inside, and keep the cold air […]

What happens when Holtkamp HVAC phones slow down and customers are comfortably resting in their well-maintained homes?  Well, the Holtkamp crew goes golfing… well, sort of.  It’s our version of golf anyhow.  The kind of golf that appeals to 4 year olds as well as grumpy old men.  (I won’t elaborate.)  The kind of golf […]

As I sit on the couch last night listening to the length of my daughter’s shower (yes, we have two teenagers in the house now; how did THAT happen?) all I could mumble was, “At least she’s filling the house with moisture.”  Ha!  How’s that for finding the silver lining! This is just your friendly-almost-winter-now reminder […]

It’s almost time again for the Home Show at the Gwinnett Center. Holtkamp Heating & Air will be there with bells on, talking HVAC and giving out all kinds of goodies. Use the discount ticket below and save $2 on admission. Not only that, but the Gwinnett CAN Challenge will receive $1 for every discount […]

I can’t believe I am writing this a few days after Christmas and we still are having days in the 50s, 60s and even 70s! Matthew and I took a bike ride yesterday (on the spiffy new bike that Santa brought me) in Dacula and we were pleasantly warm coasting through the park. Crazy! Normally, […]

Well, just when you thought that Matthew (Holtkamp’s) mug was plastered enough across Atlanta, along comes… Mobile Matthew! Check out these photos of our new van wraps. If you are the first to spot one of the vans and scan the QR code on the back, text “I see you Matthew” and win a $100 […]

1) Higher humidity in the winter is more comfortable. True. Humidity is a friend in the winter, a menace in the summer. Proper indoor humidity (between 35-45%) not only helps you feel more comfortable, but helps save on your power bill. Signs of low winter humidity may include static electricity, shrinking wood molding and floors, […]

Okay bloggers – the weather has been warmer the last few days here in Metro Atlanta. It’s awfully tempting to think it’s tomato planting season, but resist, I say, resist! We will be getting another cold snap (or two) before the weather changes for good. So if you have a broken furnace, you still have […]

It’s common knowledge that reducing your indoor winter temperature will save you money.  But what’s not common knowledge is how low and why. You first must consider what type of system you have – either a gas furnace or electric heat pump.  If you have a gas furnace, you can set the temp as low […]

Hard to believe that Thanksgiving is but a few days away and Christmas is but a few weeks.  My usual bah-humbug attitude has received a jolt this year.  You see, I have been enlisting elves of all sorts to prepare the Holtkamp Heating & Air Christmas tree which was put on display in the Aurora […]

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