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It’s Back To School Shopping Time Again – Uugh!

Three hours at the mall proved useless.   I was getting more frustrated by the minute.  Shopping for shoes for our 11 year old daughter who has special orthopedic inserts is like trying to make a ’77 Vega wagon look cool.  Let’s just say it’s a challenge. Then we entered a department store where a somewhat […]

Don’t Waste Your Money on Duct Cleaning!

First off, I need to apologize.  I normally don’t hit a subject so often but I felt compelled to write again because I just went through our mailbox full of ads and coupons and counted no less than TEN ads claiming to reduce pollutants in your home by cleaning your ducts.  Don’t fall for it!  […]

Funny Dirty Ring Around Your Carpet?

We recently visited friends for dinner.  They have a beautifully decorated house.  You know the kind where the curtains actually match the couch.  (Where did she find those lime green pillows anyway?)  Anyhow, the carpet was, you guessed it, white.  After I gasped upon entry and removed my shoes, we proceeded into the dining room.  […]

Cheap Furnace Filters are Better Than Expensive Ones

Have I ever steered you wrong? Okay, there was that time I thought Starkist tuna was really chicken from the sea – oh no, that was Jessica Simpson. Sorry, I get myself mixed up with her all the time! Anyhow, I feel I have been pretty straight up with you. This entry is no exception. […]

Allergy Relief in Buford – Everything’s Coming Up Yellow

Daffodils should be yellow, not cars. Yes, it’s pollen season here in Gwinnett County and we all know what that means: stuffy noses, swollen glands, sneezing and sinus headaches. You may be tempted by the claims of TV hawkers who are selling room purifiers claiming they will rid you of your discomfort. But don’t fall […]

Spring Cleaning? Help Our Community!

It’s that time again; time to open up the closets, get real about all the clothes you don’t wear and get rid of half of 2,347 DVDs you have stored next to the TV. If you’re in the spring cleaning mood, we’d like to suggest an organization who will put those gently used items to […]

Diapers and Heat Load Calculations

“Son, I’ve been doing this since you were in diapers. Don’t ask me for a heat load calculation.” Aaahhh. The eloquent argument of a fellow HVAC contractor. Matthew was questioning the size of a system installed by another company; it was completely oversized and destined to cause future mold problems, not to mention its inability […]

The Truth About Duct Cleaning

We’ve never performed duct cleaning but we are often asked for our professional opinion. We decided to share this information with you in hopes it clears up some common misconceptions about this service. Duct cleaning was first marketed about 20 years ago by HVAC companies who often sell it as a regular service, much like […]

Shoe Booties!

They’re stylish.They’re functional.They’re even downright fun.They come in the latest fashion colors and look “marvelous”.Every Holtkamp technician can’t resist wearing them. What are they? They’re shoe booties, of course! These nifty shoe covers are so comfortable and irresistible, that you will see us all wearing them. (They protect your floors from unwanted dirt tracked in […]

This Economy is Crazy. Holtkamp is Here to Help.

Who knows what will have happened by the time I finish writing this blog entry. Bailout? Stimulus? Law against selling blue cars? Free vacations for all those whose last names begin with “Y”? Okay, maybe I am getting a little sarcastic, but it has been crazy lately. And just a little stressful. However, there is […]

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