First Grade Students at Level Creek Elementary Accept the CAN Challenge

A big wahoo to all the first graders at Level Creek Elementary in Suwanee. They collected 1068 can food items and earned a $250 grant from the Holtkamp Family Foundation. Below is their story written by Liz Clifford, one of the dedicated First Grade moms!

Each grade at Level Creek Elementary leads a community project. These projects instill in our youth good citizenship and leadership through community awareness and participation. Mrs. Bagley our first grade lead teacher chose a food drive to benefit the North Gwinnett Co-Op. The first graders prepared signs and made presentations to the other grade levels encouraging all students to bring in goods for the food drive. Information about the food drive was also placed in the school’s weekly newsletter to parents and the school’s online calendar prior to the weeklong event.

Our students flourished in many ways, not only did they collect 1068 items for the food drive, but when asked about the food drive, this is what some of the students had to say: “It is not all about yourself, it’s about other people,” agreed Michael, Terrell, Hannah, Mia, Catherine, Trevor, and Melanie. “It was really great to help the Co-Op so people in need could have what they needed,” said Myriam. “I was happy to help the food drive,” replied Courtney. Christopher said, “It’s just really nice to do.” Then Tate added, “I think it was really nice to donate all that food because maybe they didn’t have any.” Then Henry summed it all up, “The food drive is not just about bringing cans. It is about helping people. I just thought it would be lots of fun to help.”

Great job guys! Thanks for showing us adults how it’s done!


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