I was hoping to report to you good news but unfortunately, it’s also coupled with some bad. The good news is that we have collected over 7 tons of food for local food pantries. This food has been distributed to a dozen local food pantries in Lawrenceville, Duluth, Buford, Lilburn, just to name a few. The bad news is that more is desperately needed. I just received a message from Ellen Gerstein of the Gwinnett Coalition and she is reporting that record numbers are asking for housing and food assistance. We at Holtkamp Heating & Air are once again asking nonprofit groups, citizens, anyone interested in helping fellow neighbors to collect food or sponsor a food drive.

Holtkamp HVAC has lots of tips and assistance to help with organizing a food drive. And if your group is a nonprofit (scout troop, youth organization, etc.) YOUR group can earn a $250 grant from the Holtkamp Family Foundation while helping with this dire need right now. Food pantries receive a lot of assistance during the holidays but when the weather warms up, they tend to be forgotten. Please help us to help others. Accept the Holtkamp Heating & Air CAN Challenge! Email me at sue@holtkamphvac.biz.

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