Helping Customers with a Comfort Crisis

When Kathryn in Cumming discovered that her air conditioner was blowing hot air in the middle of this summer, she immediately knew what to do: Call her friends at Holtkamp Heating & Air!

We had helped her daughter and son-in-law put in a brand new HVAC system three years ago, and at that time the family did their due diligence with researching air conditioning companies. After getting multiple bids for her daughter’s house, they selected us for a few reasons.

“In addition to being the most cost-effective proposal, I really liked Robbie. He was super friendly, picked up on things that other companies didn’t, and we had a really good conversation. I found him to be trustworthy.”

So, when A/C trouble struck this summer, Kathryn didn’t have to get quotes from other companies. Instead, she quickly reached out to Robbie and he immediately hopped on her request.

“Once I selected the equipment and scheduled the installation, I thought the processing of installing the equipment might be rather loud,” said Kathryn. “It actually went very smoothy, and I simply couldn’t believe how quietly they worked. Seriously, they were like church mice in my attic. I didn’t hear anything!”

“I love my new system, and especially my power bill which was way down over the previous month. I look forward to seeing how it impacts future power bills as well. I am very happy with the thermostat, which is a major upgrade over the Nest thermostat that was supposed to “learn” my habits and preferred temperatures. It never did, so I love having the ease of controlling my new smart thermostat.”

“Not to mention, my grandson and my dog are very comfortable too!”

We’re proud of the experience we were able to provide Kathryn and her family. If you want to explore achieving the same level of comfort and happiness with your HVAC system, we’re happy to give you a free, no-obligation estimate.

Contact us or call 770-271-7511 and we’ll be on the way.

You might be surprised how cost effective a new, reliable American Standard air conditioner can be!


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