Holtkamp HVAC’s Smart Thermostats are a Smart Choice for Aurora Theatre

We love it when we get to help our customers become even more energy efficient! As the official HVAC company of the Aurora Theatre (and proud supporters), we recently installed 17 new programmable thermostats.


In the past, the theater had a hodgepodge of programmable thermostats and none of them worked together. We noticed many areas throughout the building, which, despite only being occupied during a performance, were still being heated and cooled 24/7.

We changed out every thermostat, replacing them with the Trane XL624 programmable control. Each thermostat can now be accessed online, allowing users to program the heating and air schedule, setting times and temperatures, and then download the schedule into each thermostat.


The system offers the ability to register multiple cell phones, along with customized levels of authority and access. For instance, if someone wanted to control the thermostat in their office, the system administrator could grant them access to only that thermostat or allow them to control multiple thermostats. In fact, Anthony Rodriguez, producing artistic director, can access the entire system from his smart phone.

We also love that the new thermostats prevent “thermostat tampering”. Every thermostat is locked: someone could touch it, try to re-set it, etc. but nothing would happen.

As a result of the new thermostats, the Aurora’s heating and air conditioning bills are already much lower and the staff feel more comfortable. It’s a win/win all the way around! We love being able to integrate what we do with helping a community we love.

Now, how can we help you? Have you heard about smart thermostats but weren’t sure they would pay off in your home? Give us a call today! We will help make your home more energy and cost efficient.

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