Home Energy Savings Plan Is Easy With Holtkamp

energy-auditWe’ve had lots of customer questions lately about advertised “energy audits”‘ and “energy saving advice”.  Sometimes it may seem difficult to separate the hype from the facts.  Here’s the Holtkamp Heating & Air lowdown about energy audits.

It can be summarized this way: you’d never take a road trip without a map. So why invest in home improvements without a plan? The Dept. of Energy estimates that well over half of the cost to run your home is spent on heating and air conditioning. Why waste money?  The hard part is making sure the energy advice you’re receiving is backed up by facts and not just by a salesman who wants to sell you something.

We are one of the few HVAC companies who is fully trained and authorized to perform a true energy evaluation of your home. Through Home Performance with Energy Star™, Jackson EMC Right Choice™, Building Performance Institute, Comfort Institute and Southface, you can be assured our energy audit will be thorough, backed by science and give you a prioritized plan for improvement. Spend your money where you’ll see the biggest paybacks, not where you’ve seen the biggest hype. We’ve spent many years training with these companies and for good reason.  We want to provide customers with the most cost effective ways of improving their indoor comfort while they save energy.  Learn more about our Energy Audit.

If you have more questions, please call us 770.271.7511.  Matthew especially, loves to talk energy!

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