How Can You Combat Airborne Viruses like the Coronavirus in Your Home?

Due to the spread of Coronavirus and respiratory infections, there is an increased conversation surrounding the topics of health and safety, especially indoor air quality and the promotion of Healthy Air. Many of us are looking for ways to minimize our risk.

Particulate Size of the Coronavirus

According to the United States National Library of Medicine National Institute of Health,  the Coronavirus nominally has a particle size of .125 microns and most airborne viruses range from .03 to .3 microns. For comparison, human hair is nearly 120 times the size of an airborne virus, with a nominal size of 75 microns; nearly invisible to the human eye.

Protecting your family from the Coronavirus

Our whole-home Aprilaire 5000 Electronic Air Purifier is our most effective product to capture and kill airborne viruses. It is 87-93% effective at trapping airborne particulates including airborne viruses like the Coronavirus. You can even run the 5000 from your smartphone, marrying comfort and convenience in the palm of your hand.


Aprilaire Model 5000 features:

• Performs silently and invisibly 24 hours a day on demand
• Eliminates 98% of airborne bacteria-sized particles and fungi
• Removes 98% of pet dander and respirable dust, which can trigger asthma
• Captures 95% of airborne particles the size of tobacco smoke and smog
• Removes 98% of airborne virus-sized particles and ultra-fine particles
• Traps 99% airborne pollen, mold, and spore-sized particles less than a micron in size
• Prevents dust build up in your house
• Includes an air cleaner controller
• Improves energy savings by keeping your HVAC equipment clean
• Maximizes the life of your heating and cooling equipment

While we have a number of filters to capture the Coronavirus, our MERV-16 Filter provides the highest rate of effectiveness. It captures up to 90% of all airborne viruses and 99% of particulates that are .3 microns or larger. It’s an effective tool in capturing these small combatants to help you breathe easier and healthier!

Healthy Humidity Products

You can also protect your family by maintaining Healthy Humidity levels in your home. Healthy Humidity levels for humans range from 30- 50%, according to the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air-Conditioning Engineers. Keeping healthy humidity levels also prevents your nasal passages from drying out to better catch airborne particulates and prevent them from entering your body.

According to ASHRAE, Airborne viruses are least viable in your home with a relative humidity of 40-60%. By keeping your home’s relative humidity levels in that range, you can help reduce the transmission of airborne viruses in your home.

An additional measure you can take is to use a ventilation system that can help bring in fresh air from the outside to dilute stagnant indoor air.

We are happy to help you combat airborne viruses and particulates in your home with our professionally installed Aprilaire Products. Breathe a sigh of relief knowing your family has Healthy Air.

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