Inspiration from Thomas Edison's Catnaps

We’ve been on the road again.  This time south, thank goodness, to Florida for the annual Comfort Institute Conference.  CI is a partner of ours dedicated to training companies in the Whole House Solution.   We’re always excited about this training, which is an ongoing commitment for our company.  It wasn’t all work, though.   We did take a fieldtrip.  Matthew is an electricity nerd so I knew my idea would be well-received. 

While in Fort Myers, Florida we visited the winter homes of Thomas Edison and Henry Ford; they were neighbors and best friends.  The houses were beautiful, with spectacular views.  The stories of Edison in particular were awe-inspiring.  During his 84 years, he applied for over 1,000 patents and was the brain behind numerous inventions which still affect our lives.  Amidst all the evidence of Edison’s genius, it wasn’t his patents that impressed me, or his self-made wealth, or his relationship with other self-made men.  Being a gardener, I wasn’t even that impressed by his 10,000 plant research in trying to find an American source of latex to manufacture rubber.  What impressed me was his sleeping habits.

You see the man only slept a mere 4-5 hours each night supplemented by catnaps, anywhere, any time, in front of anyone (including President Hoover), always fully-clothed, complete with shoes.  A cot in his workshop was always present.  These naps evidently were part slumber, part inspiration for whatever he seemed to be working on at the time.

What does this tell me?  Take more naps!  No seriously, what it tells me is this – passion for what you do is a blessing.  Obviously, Edison knew he had tons of inventions in his head and he didn’t want to waste any time.  We can’t compare ourselves to Edison, but we too have been blessed with a passion for what we do.   The products we promote are ones we use in our own home.   We are constantly looking for the better solution, the better product, and we know learning is a lifelong adventure.   We’re not perfect and that means that you will probably never see our name up in lights but we make each recommendation as if you are our mother, our father, our sister, our best friend.  

 Makes me want to go take a nap…

Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.

Thomas Edison

Pres. Hoover, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Harvey Firestone during Edison's 82nd Birthday Celebration

Pres. Hoover, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Harvey Firestone during Edison's 82nd Birthday Celebration

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