Lucy'sCoop – Written by the Lovable Holtkamp Chicken


I have discovered that I am not the only member of the family with a love of prose.  I have given you below the first (of many, I am sure) diary entries from our beloved Lucy, the buff orpington chicken. (Just a note: our new chicks arrived last week and stay tuned for pictures!)

Lucy writes: the days are getting longer.  The girls and I are spending more time outdoors, away from the coop.  We’ve had lots of time to notice certain peculiar things happening, like little creatures making their homes in the oddest places.  Chipmunks (I think they’re called) and a few rodents.  I even caught myself a vole the other day.  He had breakfast written all over him until the Holtkamp girl wrestled me to the ground and reminded me I was a vegetarian.  But I digress.

These animals seem to be causing the worst of problems, like gnawing holes in electrical wires and making nests in the back of that air conditioning unit thing.  Didn’t seem like a big deal to me until the Big Holtkamp Man kept talking about the damage those varmin cause.  He told the neighbor he should check his outdoor areas and make sure no varmin are getting into that nice air conditioner.  (What’s an air conditioner?)  Anyway, thought I’d pass that along.  It’s a good time not to be a varmin.  ‘Cause I think the varmin are going to meet their maker real soon…

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