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After the summer of 2017, local homeowner Stacey experienced a complete failure of her basement heat pump, so she definitely knew that it was time to replace the system!

Stacey knows Matthew Holtkamp as an active member of her church, Prince of Peace Church in Flowery Branch. Her parents also had Holtkamp Heating & Air replace their unit last year. Meanwhile, her neighbor had the Holtkamps replace two units earlier this year.

Doing Her Research

As a responsible homeowner, Stacey felt compelled to get multiple bids and do her due diligence. We actually encourage this, to make sure you see how our detailed approach to your home and comfort challenges stacks up against the competition and how it’s rooted in true building science and careful calculations.

Beware of companies that spend a few moments at your home to see what HVAC equipment you had and suggest the same size system. Those are called “rip and replace” estimates and are not maximizing your comfort or energy efficiency.

“My experience with Holtkamp Heating & Air was very professional, and their comfort specialist was super knowledgable,” said Stacey. “I actually got a lower price from a large air conditioning company but chose to go with Holtkamp due to their professionalism, attention to detail, warranty, and maintenance agreement.”

Enjoying the Results

“I am absolutely loving my new level of comfort, and I would want folks considering working with the Holtkamps to know they are honest, upfront, kind, caring, professional and faith/family based.”

Coincidentally, Stacey was also one of the random winners of our fun Visa gift card giveaway at performances of GooseBumps at Aurora Theatre in October. What a small world of wonderful customers!

If you want to match Stacey’s experience and get an estimate for an incredible (and incredibly affordable) HVAC system for your home, please contact us for a free estimate.

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