Recessed Lighting Wreaks Havoc on Energy Bills

I confess I’m a fan of decorating shows. It began with “Trading Spaces”; the cardboard wallpaper room was my favorite episode. I’m now under no illusions that my neighbors are clamoring to decorate my “space” so I have progressed to watching “Clean House” just to make myself feel better there are people with more stuff than me. (Oh admit it; you watch for the same reason. It’s like gawking at the woman with the ghastly hairdo.)

These shows are great for decorating ideas but not so good when it comes to energy efficiency. They often suggest installing recessed lighting to add a little zip to your indoor space. Recessed lighting is essentially cutting holes in your ceiling.  Heat rises, right?  Fancy term – the stack effect.  Common term – money leaking from your ceiling.  Avoid recessed lighting unless you’re fond of supporting your local utility company. If you already have recessed lighting, don’t fret. We can seal those lights and make them airtight. (Then we’ll slap your hand and tell you not to do it again.)

Thinking of redecorating? Avoid recessed lighting when you have a choice. If you already have them, seal what you have.  What’s it look like?  I’m glad you asked.



No, that’s not a cowboy hat for a large dog.  It’s a seal kit.  The answer to those holes in your ceiling.  We can install these on our next maintenance or service visit.  Then you can get back to gluing cardboard to your neighbor’s walls.  (And posting the “For Sale” sign out in your front yard when they’ve realized what you’ve done.)

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