Sealing Ducts Means Lower Bills

What is the number one way of increasing your home’s comfort and decreasing utility bills?  Seal your ducts!  That’s ducts, not ducks. (We do support the rights of ducks to say what’s on their minds, so please don’t seal them.)

Wa wa wa wa wa wa.  (That’s the sound Charlie Brown’s teacher makes.  Remember?)  Every heating and air company seals ducts; so, what’s the big deal?  That’s just like saying all comic strips are created equal. 

We test your ductwork before and after.  We guarantee air leakage of less than 10%.  If the after test doesn’t pass, we come back out, and do it all over again until it passes.  Our certifications through Building Performance Institute and Comfort Institute show our commitment to professional training and getting you measurable results.

So the next time you hear a neighbor say, “Yeah, my hvac company sealed my ducts too.”  Ask them, “Where’s your before and after report?  Where’s your air flow test?  Are your utility bills noticeably lower?”  When you get new glasses, you should be able to see better, not have to take your doctor’s word for it.  Why should this be any different?

Seal your ducts.  Save money.  Feel the difference.  Earn tax credits (up to $1500).  No more wa wa wa wa wa wa wa.  We’ll guarantee it. 


A great example of an unsealed duct sucking in dirty insulation, moisture and heat from the attic.  But without a duct test, you’d never know!


This filter has little chance of filtering anything.  The space between the plenum (the box that connects your indoor unit to your ductwork) and the filter allows for much dirt going straight into your living room!


Looks innocent enough, huh?  Look again.  Dirty insulation means there’s a leak.


The inside of a newly installed plenum properly sealed.  Now that’s clean!


One of our duct seals.  No gaps.  No holes.  Tight.  This homeowner noticed an immediate improvement in both comfort and lower utility bills.  And we can prove it!

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