Should I Take Advantage of a Precision Heating Tune-up?

Have you heard about tune-ups for your heating and air system and wondered whether it’s worth your time and investment? I’m here with three specific reasons why it’s definitely money well spent, if done the right way.

Not all tune-ups are the same. When you invest in our Holtkamp 21-point Complete Precision Tune-up, it’s the most thorough tune-up you’ll find in Gwinnett County and surrounding areas.

Better yet, at just $68 for the first system (normally $108!), it’s also one of the most affordable investments you can make in your comfort!

Here are 3 key benefits you’ll enjoy from our $68 Complete Precision Tune-up:

1. Increase Efficiency & Lower Your Utility Bills

Your system was designed for twice annual maintenance to tighten, calibrate and lubricate the various parts that deliver peak comfort. Just like regularly changing the oil in your car, it’s a critical element of keeping your HVAC system in tip-top shape.

After our tune-up, this winter you’ll enjoy significantly lower energy bills which puts more money directly in your pocket. Don’t give that money away to the utility companies!

hvac tune-up special

2. Avoid Costly Repairs

Our Certified & Licensed Precision Tune-up Specialists will pinpoint any pending furnace or heat pump issues that may be likely to fail in the cold weather that is on the way. Take care of those concerns before they become a big deal, and you will likely avoid major breakdowns during winter weather!

You don’t want to explain to Aunt Gertrude why the house is *freezing* on Thanksgiving Day, do you?

hvac tune-up gwinnett

3. Enjoy Peace of Mind

When you take advantage of our $68 Complete Precision Tune-up, you’ll know your system is in peak form.

Better yet, you’ll also know you’ll be heating your family safely during the winter. Did you know that all gas burning appliances are at risk for leaking dangerous carbon monoxide? It’s vital to have a licensed professional carefully check your system with the proper tools to identify any hairline cracks that can’t be seen with a visual inspection.

Bonus: Get a Worry-Free Guarantee

We’ll even waive our trip fee if we have to come back to your home for any reason during this heating season. That’s our ultimate worry-free comfort guarantee, making the nominal $68 tune-up investment a total no-brainer!

Schedule your tune-up or call us at 770-271-7511 to get an appointment with one of our experienced comfort consultants.

When the real winter weather hits, you’ll be glad you did!

 – Matthew

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