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Matthew Holtkamp Named as "Person to Know" in Gwinnett County

Well, just when you thought it was safe to go outside! Matthew’s mug shows up in yet another place! Wasn’t it enough to see him coming and going on all those Holtkamp vans? Anyhow, read his “People to Know” section from Gwinnett Magazine.

That's Holtkamp with a "K". But What Does it Mean?

Here’s my trivia for the day.  We’ve heard from customers who tell us about Holtkamp organs and others who have visited the Holtkamp Patisserie in Amsterdam.  There’s even a Holtkamp Nursery in Tennessee that specializes in African Violets, one of which was actually sent along on a space mission.  But what does the name “Holtkamp” mean in […]

Metro Atlanta to Hit 90's This Week; Watch Your HVAC Thermostat

It’s forecasted to be in the mid nineties all this week here in the Metro Atlanta area. Bye bye Spring!! Just a reminder to keep your tstat temp within 16 degrees of the outside temperature to maintain optimal efficiency while keeping cool. This means if it hits 96, then your indoor temp should be 80. […]

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