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Cheap Furnace Filters are Better Than Expensive Ones

Have I ever steered you wrong? Okay, there was that time I thought Starkist tuna was really chicken from the sea – oh no, that was Jessica Simpson. Sorry, I get myself mixed up with her all the time! Anyhow, I feel I have been pretty straight up with you. This entry is no exception. (Let’s just say, I haven’t made a whole lot of “inside-the-industry friends” from this blog.) Expensive pleated filters aren’t worth the money. Why? Because if your house is like most homes in Gwinnett, you have significant duct leakage; the average is about 30% lost to unconditioned areas. If that’s true, then when your hvac kicks on, it’s creating a negative pressure inside your home and your furnace is working overtime to keep up. Stuffing a nice, plump, pleated filter in it is like stuffing a blanket over your mouth when you’re trying to run uphill. Make sense? If you will not be sealing your ducts any time soon, be smart and buy the $1 filters and change them every 30 days. Now I didn’t say that these cheap filters would actually help filter your air, just that they won’t cut off your system’s circulation and […]

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