Truth or Pure Fiction? A Useful and Amusing Home Quiz from Holtkamp Heating & Air

1) Higher humidity in the winter is more comfortable.
True. Humidity is a friend in the winter, a menace in the summer. Proper indoor humidity (between 35-45%) not only helps you feel more comfortable, but helps save on your power bill. Signs of low winter humidity may include static electricity, shrinking wood molding and floors, nosebleeds and upper respiratory problems.

2) Dust in my home means I need to have the ducts cleaned.
False! Dust in your home is a symptom that you have either leaky ducts or outside air infiltration. Either way, cleaning your ducts will only take care of the symptom, not the cause. A properly sized and maintained hvac/duct system that is serviced regularly, should constantly remove dust from your home. Just make sure you keep your filter changed. If you have excessive dust, save your money from duct cleaning and call Holtkamp Heating & Air. Let’s find the source of your problem!

3) George Washington invented a fan chair that could have been considered the first personal AC.
True. At least from our perspective! This fan chair is still on display at Mount Vernon. Quite an engineering feat and pretty darn cool too! (Yes, that was a bad pun.)

4) Central heating & air systems are designed to last about 25 years.
False. Most come closer to 7-10 years. Of course, it depends upon the manufacturer, the quality of installation, and regular maintenance. We can’t tell you which manufacturer we think blows this average out of the water but let’s just say, “It’s Hard to Stop a …”

5) Planting a tree beside your outdoor hvac unit helps increase its efficiency.
False. It may actually reduce it. All landscaping should be kept a minimum of 18-22 inches from your outdoor unit in order to allow for adequate air circulation. Planting near your outdoor unit is always a bad idea! And don’t even think about screening it in! How would like it if someone shoved a towel in your mouth when you’re running a marathon?

6) Electrical static shocks when you touch your honey means your relationship is still alive.
Well, we just can’t make that call. But refer back to 1) above!

And last but not least,
7) Your furnace filter only needs to be changed two times per year.
Huh? Is there really someone who believes that? Okay, let’s just make this short and sweet. A big FALSE! Your hvac filter should be changed on average, every 60 days unless you have a high efficiency filtration system. In that case, the filter should be changed once per year.

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