What You Need to Know During This Atlanta Heatwave

This has nothing to do with air conditioning. I just thought you'd like a COOL picture of Eleanor Holtkamp!


I don’t need to tell you it’s hot.  While I can’t tell you the correct percentage of electrolytes you should have in your body to prevent dehydration, I can give you some tips on your cooling system.

1) Go ahead and set your thermostat a couple of degrees cooler than normal in the morning to get a headstart and be prepared for your cooling system to run constantly all day during this hot weather.

2) Use your blinds and curtains.  Keep doors and windows completely closed.

3) Limit or eliminate use of heat and humidity producing appliances.   This includes the oven, hairdryers, clothes dryers and excessive showering.  Hey, what’s a little extra stinkiness anyway?  It’s HOT outside!

4) Go to the pool or lake!  Then you can get rid of your stinkiness at the same time.  Just a thought…

FYI – As a rule of thumb, a perfectly designed A/C should run constantly anytime it gets above 92 degrees if your tstat is set to 75 degrees. It would then be considered normal for the thermostat to raise 1 degree inside for every one degree outside above 92.  Yes, you read that right.  If it’s 104 outside, your A/C should be sized to maintain 87 inside.  Will it ever really get that hot?  Probably not, but the point is there is nothing wrong with your system if it can’t maintain an indoor temp below 80 during these extreme temps.

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