Why You Should Avoid HVAC Duct Cleaning Scams

If you think you’re experiencing poor indoor air quality, you might be suffering from leaky ducts. What are the key symptoms?

• Your system isn’t performing effectively. Did you know that the average home’s ductwork leaks a whopping 30% of it’s conditioned air into attics, basements and crawlspaces? You could be spending 1/3 of your energy bills cooling air that never makes it into your living spaces!

• Irritants or smells are present. If smelly irritants like insulation, wood dust, mold spores and pest droppings from attics and basements are present, your leaky ducts are continually recirculating them throughout your home. Not only are these unpleasant, but they are also unhealthy.

• Your family’s allergies are worsening. If members of your family are experiencing worsening symptoms including coughing, sneezing, itchy eyes and more, your HVAC system and its leaky ducts could be contributing to their discomfort.

Duct Cleaning vs. Duct Sealing

You might see lots of coupons and mailers from companies claiming to “clean” or “vacuum” your ductwork at low prices.

However, if dust, allergens and contaminants made it into your ductwork in the first place, won’t they come back if your ducts aren’t properly sealed? If you invest in this temporary fix, the contaminants are going to come right back.


In this video, Matthew provides his professional insights into duct cleaning vs. duct sealing.


Why choose duct sealing instead to improve indoor air quality?

• A properly sealed duct system regularly cleans itself. Every time your HVAC system kicks on, it fully eliminates the need for duct cleaning because your filter can now properly remove particulates from your indoor air and no contaminates are reintroduced.

• Testing for results. When we do your duct sealing, we fully test before and after, and guarantee an 80% improvement in system cleanliness and increased efficiency.

• Reduce Utility Bills. By keeping your conditioned air in your home instead of leaking it into attics or basements, proper duct sealing can reduce your utility bills up to 40% while also increasing your indoor health and comfort.

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