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Commercial HVAC Services That Make Your Comfort A Priority

As a business owner in Suwanee, GA, one of your top priorities is keeping your commercial space comfortable for employees and customers. Maintaining proper heating for a workplace poses unique challenges compared to a residence. You need an HVAC system tailored to your commercial building’s size, layout, and usage patterns. When your business requires heating installation, maintenance, or repairs, you need a commercial HVAC company with the expertise to meet your needs.

That’s where Holtkamp Heating & Air comes in. With over 25 years of experience providing specialized HVAC solutions for commercial buildings in Suwanee and surrounding areas, we have the skills to handle all your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning needs. From new system installation to ductwork modifications, maintenance plans, and prompt emergency repairs, we offer a full range of services to keep your workspace warm and productive. Continue reading to learn more about our commercial heating capabilities.

Commercial Heating Services We Provide

HVAC System installation – We can install high-efficiency heating systems in new construction or replace outdated units in existing buildings. Our technicians are trained to properly size and select equipment to match your building’s needs.

HVAC Maintenance & tune-ups – Regular maintenance keeps your heating equipment running efficiently all season long. Our comprehensive tune-ups check functionality, adjust components and identify any potential problems. 

HVAC Repairs – We have the skills to diagnose issues and repair all major commercial heating system brands when problems arise. You can count on prompt emergency service 24/7. 

Ductwork – We can install, seal, insulate, or modify ductwork to optimize airflow and heating output. Efficient ductwork distribution is key for comfort and energy savings. 

Zoning – For improved temperature control, we can divide your building into zones and install dampers that allow you to customize heating to each area. Zoning prevents overheating empty rooms. 

Boilers – We service and repair gas and electric boilers and can provide recommendations if you need a boiler upgrade. Reliable boilers are essential for consistent heating. 

Furnaces – From gas furnaces to electric models, we’ll make sure your furnace is performing safely and efficiently for commercial applications. 

Thermostats – We can install programmable thermostats to help you easily set customized heating schedules for each zone in your building.

The Benefits of Effective Commercial Heating

An optimal commercial heating system provides many benefits for your business:

Comfort – Your employees will be more productive and your customers more satisfied when your building maintains consistent and comfortable temperatures.

Cost savings – New high-efficiency systems can reduce your heating costs substantially compared to outdated equipment. Regular maintenance also optimizes efficiency.

Property value – Up-to-date HVAC systems can increase the value of your commercial property. Heating issues can detract potential buyers or renters.

Workplace safety – Adequate heating helps avoid slippery floors and freezing pipes that present hazards. Regulated temperatures prevent overheating which could damage stock or electronics.

Equipment longevity – Regular maintenance and timely repairs prevent costly breakdowns and extend the usable life of your heating equipment.

Why Choose Holtkamp for Commercial Heating?

When you choose Holtkamp Heating & Air for your commercial HVAC needs, you get the expertise of a family-owned local business with the capabilities to handle large projects. Here are a few key reasons to trust us with your commercial heating:

  • 25+ years of commercial HVAC experience in the Suwanee area
  • Highly trained, background-checked technicians
  • 24/7 emergency repair service
  • Competitive pricing with transparent quotes
  • Dedicated project managers for installation jobs
  • Courteous, clean-cut professionals
  • Financing options available

At Holtkamp Heating & Air, we take commercial heating seriously because we know how much it impacts your business. Proper HVAC isn’t just about comfort – it’s about creating an environment optimized for your employees to do their best work and your customers to have a positive experience.

Don’t leave one of your most vital business needs to just any HVAC company. With over 25 years dedicated specifically to commercial HVAC services, Holtkamp has the experience your business deserves.

Contact us at (770) 271-7511 to schedule a consultation. We’ll work with you to create a customized heating solution for your commercial space.


How do I know if my commercial heating system needs repair?

Look out for signs like strange noises, uneven heating, or a sudden spike in energy bills. If you notice any of these, it’s best to schedule a professional assessment.


Can I perform maintenance on my commercial heating system myself?

While simple tasks like changing air filters can be done by business owners or staff, comprehensive maintenance should be left to trained professionals. They have the expertise to identify and address potential issues effectively.

What benefits does a high-efficiency heating system offer?

High-efficiency systems consume less energy, leading to reduced utility bills. They also have a smaller environmental footprint, making them a more sustainable choice for businesses.

How long does a typical commercial heating system installation take?

Installation times vary based on factors like system type, size, and the complexity of your space. On average, a commercial heating system installation can take between one to three days.

Are your technicians certified and licensed?

Yes, all of our technicians are certified, licensed, and undergo continuous training to stay updated with the latest industry standards and technologies.

About Suwanee, Georgia

Suwanee, Georgia, is a charming city nestled in Gwinnett County, just a short drive away from Atlanta. Known for its warm southern hospitality and vibrant community spirit, Suwanee offers a blend of modern amenities and natural beauty.

One of its prominent attractions is Briscoe Park, a sprawling recreational space that boasts walking trails, sports facilities, and a picturesque lake perfect for picnics. Additionally, the Suwanee Historical Society and Museum provides a fascinating glimpse into the city’s rich heritage.

For those seeking culinary delights, two standout restaurants are worth a visit. Local favorite “Marlow’s Tavern” serves up a delectable array of American classics with a modern twist, while “Cristina’s Fine Mexican Restaurant” offers an authentic taste of Mexico with an extensive menu of flavorful dishes.

Whether you’re strolling through its parks or savoring its diverse cuisine, Suwanee promises a delightful experience for visitors and residents alike.

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