The Importance Of Heating Maintenance

Don’t Ignore Heating Maintenance HVAC maintenance is essential to keep your system running smoothly. As the crisp autumn air sets in, our thoughts turn to cozy nights by the fireplace and the comforting warmth of central heating. However, before you crank up the thermostat, it’s crucial to ensure your HVAC system is in top condition for the season ahead. Preventative maintenance is essential for optimizing performance, extending the lifespan of your system, and averting costly breakdowns. Prevents breakdowns: Regular maintenance can help identify potential problems before they cause major breakdowns. This can save you money on costly repairs and keep your home comfortable all winter long. Improves efficiency: A clean and well-maintained system will operate more efficiently, saving you money on your energy bills. Enhances indoor air quality: Dirty filters and ducts can trap dust, pollen, and other pollutants, which can aggravate allergies and respiratory problems. Regular cleaning can help improve indoor air quality and keep your family healthy. Extends system lifespan: Proper care and maintenance can help extend the lifespan of your HVAC system, saving you money in the long run. Peace of mind: Knowing that your system is in good condition can give you peace of mind during the cold winter months. Cleaning Your HVAC System Dust, dirt, and debris […]

Comfort for Heroes: Special Discounts on HVAC Systems

We have partnered with American Standard and Mitsubishi Electric to give our military, first responders, and educators the comfort they deserve! The “Comfort for Heroes” Promotion awards hero-homeowners up to $825 in instant rebates on purchases of Qualifying Ductless Equipment. Eligible Participants: Active-Duty Military and Veterans First Responders (EMT, Fire, Police, Sheriff) Educators (Teachers, Administration) Nurses Ductless Systems are perfect for your: Basement Home Office Sunroom Porch Or any other room that needs comfort Get a Free Estimate Please be sure to mention the Comfort for Heroes program when you schedule your free estimate by calling 770-271-7511 or booking online.

12 Ways to Jazz Up a Classic Tomato Sandwich

We are in the heart of tomato harvesting season, and one of the simple joys in life is a sandwich made with a perfectly ripe tomato. This southern delicacy can be made with an heirloom tomato from your local farmer’s market, a homegrown variety, or even a good tomato from your grocery store. As long as it’s ripe and flavorful, you can’t go wrong! You’re probably familiar with the classic tomato sandwich: Two slices of soft white sandwich bread Good quality creamy mayo (Dukes, Hellman’s, etc.) Thick slices of ripe tomato Salt & freshly ground black pepper But here are 12 ways to jazz up your next tomato sandwich: Fresh basil & fresh mozzarella (Caprese!) Thinly sliced cucumber (very British!) Thinly sliced sweet onion Pimento cheese Crumbled goat cheese Sliced Vermont cheddar Cream cheese instead of mayo (try herbed cream cheese!) Pesto (see my recipe) Hummus instead of mayo Greek seasoning Everything bagel seasoning Dashes of Holtkamp Heat Wave Hot Sauce! Bonus tip: in the winter months, Campari tomatoes should be readily available in your grocery store for you to enjoy tomato sandwiches year-round.   PS. Need to jazz up your indoor comfort? A $68 tune-up may be all you […]

The Best Time to Buy Variable Speed HVAC Systems

If you’re looking to purchase an HVAC system such as an air conditioner or heat pump, you’ve likely come across the terms variable speed, two-stage, and single-stage. But what do they mean? In a nutshell, these terms are referring to the speed(s) at which your system can work to cool or heat your home.   What is a Single-stage System? Single-stage, or single-speed, systems are the most basic systems. They have two settings: on or off. This means they operate at full capacity or not at all. These systems work at full speed to cool down your home, then shut off completely once the desired indoor temperature is reached. Because they frequently switch from on to off and only operate at 100% max speed, single-stage systems are less expensive upfront but usually the most expensive to operate.   What is a Two-stage System? Two-stage, or two-speed, systems add more variety by offering a high and low setting. In most cases, the low stage operates around 65 percent capacity, while the high stage operates at 100 percent capacity. Compared to single-stage systems, the two-stage system offers a middle ground for temperature control. Because it’s not operating at high speed all the […]

How To Reduce Humidity In Your Home

Feeling uncomfortable in your home this summer? It’s likely a humidity issue. Why is humidity a bad thing in your home?  ❌ Warm air holds moisture, making it feel heavy ❌ Makes physical activity more strenuous ❌ Causes sweating and respiratory issues ❌  Warps wood floors and baseboards ❌  Creates a breeding ground for mold Think a portable dehumidifier is the solution?  ❌  Only dehumidifies one room at a time ❌  Very loud to operate ❌  Very inefficient and uses a lot of energy ❌  Must be constantly emptied of water Why is a Whole Home Dehumidifier the best solution for your home? ✅ Attaches to your existing HVAC system ✅ Controls humidity throughout your home ✅ Operates silently in the background ✅ Very efficient operation / little power used ✅ Moisture drains automatically outside your home Get a free quote on a Whole Home Dehumidifier and see how affordable these systems can be. 2 Easy Ways to Get a Free Estimate: Call 770-271-7511 Book an appointment online

Why Duct Sealing Is Critical For Your Indoor Comfort

Did you know that around 30% of your conditioned air is likely being released into your attic or crawlspace through leaky ductwork? Not only do leaky ducts let your cool air out, but they let dust, allergens, and other contaminants in. Leaky ducts also drastically reduce your system’s efficiency, increasing energy bills and decreasing comfort. Stop throwing away money in your attic and crawlspace and start saving it instead! Our team of professionals will fully analyze your ductwork, find the exact source of any leak and seal your ducts to ensure you’re getting comfort from all the air you’re conditioning. Want a free estimate on Duct Sealing? • Call 770-271-7511 • Book an appointment here

3 Easy Summer Side Dishes

Summer is all about relaxing, so try some of these easy summer side dishes instead of spending time with fussy recipes! Pair them with grilled steaks, chicken, chops, or fish, and you’ll have dinner on the table in no time. Grilled Avocados Turn up the volume on delicious avocados by lightly grilling them and infusing some smoky flavor.               Ingredients Whole ripe avocados Fresh squeezed lime juice Olive oil Salt & freshly ground black pepper Directions Preheat grill to medium-high heat Slice the avocados in half lengthwise, removing the pit Brush the flesh with lime juice, olive oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper Oil the grill grates and place the avocados cut-side down over indirect heat Grill with the lid open for 3-4 minutes until the avocado becomes slightly tender Remove from the grill. Serve with more lime juice and salt/pepper if desired. They can be scooped and sliced, or eaten right from the rind. Sliced Tomatoes & Cheese               Whether it’s heirloom tomatoes from the farmer’s market or fresh ones from your local grocer, jazz them up with a few flavorful ingredients for a sensational side. […]

Solving Comfort Issues with Ductless Systems

Do you have a basement, porch, sunroom, or office in your home that’s uncomfortable or always a different temperature? Here’s a simple solution: ductless, wall-mounted air conditioning units, also known as “mini-splits.” 5 Benefits of Ductless Mini-splits: 1) Instant Comfort in Odd Rooms You can finally enjoy spending time year-round in your home office, sunroom, addition, or any room that has typically been difficult to heat or cool. 2) Incredibly Quiet Performance Mini-splits are whisper-quiet when operating. They’re often used in recording studios due to their near-silent performance. 3) Fresher Air An ionizer filter constantly freshens the air and removes unwanted particles. The oscillating fan pumps this fresh, perfectly conditioned air back into the room. 4) Customizable Options There are sleek options that can be hung on a wall or ceiling, including one that can be flush-mounted into a drop ceiling. They can also be painted to match your space. 5) Major Energy Savings Traditional systems use 30% of their energy consumption simply moving the air through ductwork. With ductless mini splits, you get 100% of the unit’s output and only heat or cool the space you need. Want a free estimate on a Ductless Mini-Split? • Call 770-271-7511 • Book a convenient appointment here Special Savings: Comfort for Heroes We […]

Summer Salad with Spinach & Strawberries

A light and tasty salad can be the perfect side dish in the summertime, especially with grilled meats. This easy Spinach & Strawberry salad packs some fantastic flavor with a hint of sweetness. You can add your own touch to it with some optional ingredients. If you can get fresh strawberries from a local farm or roadside stand, that’s even better. Make this salad dressing for guests, and I guarantee they’ll ask you for the recipe! Ingredients 1/2 cup Oil (extra virgin olive oil or canola) 1/4 cup Red Wine Vinegar 1/3 cup Sugar 2-4 dashes of Worcestershire Sauce Salt & Pepper to tast Directions Put all ingredients in a mason jar & shake well. Place in refrigerator and allow to get cold. In a bowl, place clean baby spinach, sliced fresh strawberries, and nuts. (walnuts, pecans, or sliced almonds) Consider adding goat cheese or feta cheese for a tangy/creamy touch, or even some chunks of fresh avocado for another healthy addition. Shake the dressing well before pouring over the salad. Toss gently to combine. Serve to your family & guests, and enjoy! The dressing will stay fresh for 1-2 weeks in a tightly sealed jar. Speaking of fresh, if […]

7 Tips to Keep Your Home Cool

Boost your comfort and energy savings with our top seven cooling tips to keep your home comfortable during the warm summer months. 1. Keep Cool Air Flowing Make sure air vents and returns aren’t blocked by furniture or drapes. Your system needs proper airflow, and covering vents prevents effective cooling. 2. Consider Cooking Differently Fire up the grill on hot days instead of heating your oven. This will reduce residual heat in your home. (Get our delicious hamburger recipe here!) 3. Manage Your Windows Keep blinds, drapes, or shutters closed during the peak heat of the day (mid to late-afternoon), especially for south-facing windows. 4. Keep Your Filter Fresh Change your HVAC filters every 60 days. If you have pets, consider changing filters every 30 days. Fresh filters maximize airflow and let your system “breathe.” 5. Make Some Space Keep your outdoor unit clear of brush, leaves, and yard debris. Provide at least 24” of space for proper airflow and maximum efficiency. 6. Get an AC Tune-up Just like changing the oil in your car, your AC needs regular maintenance for peak performance and reliability. Regular tune-ups will also extend the life of your system. Get a professional tune-up for […]

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