Your thermostat is the central hub for your indoor comfort, telling your heating & air conditioning system what to do and when to do it. If you’re leaving your thermostat on one temperature 24/7 during the summer or winter months, you’re also leaving a lot of energy savings on the table and missing out on […]

Want a great way to put some of your delicious homegrown tomatoes to use, like the ones I mentioned in my summer gardening tips? This very simple Caprese Salad is the perfect side dish for lunch or dinner, and can be on the table in no time! Don’t worry if you don’t have beautiful heirloom […]

With food prices going through the roof, why not consider growing some of your own produce? With these helpful tips below, you’ll see just how easy it can be to enjoy high quality veggies in the late spring and summer months. The nice thing about living here in metro Atlanta is enjoying a vegetable garden […]

As a thick yellow blanket of pollen descends on our area, these 20 pollen tips will help you survive a beautiful spring season with less of the accompanying allergy symptoms: 1. Save outside activities for after a rainfall when the pollen will be cleared from the air. Avoid dry, windy days when pollen swirls most. […]

Want an easy way to impress your sweetheart? Make these mouthwatering chocolate dipped strawberries and you’ll melt their heart! One key to this recipe is buying top quality chocolate. You don’t need much to coat the strawberries, so go for the good stuff! (Ghirardelli, Lindt, Godiva) In the candy/sweets aisle of your grocery store you’ll […]

With evening temperatures dipping well below freezing, we are in prime territory for furnaces to fail. Here are four tips to keep you and your family as comfy as a cup of hot cocoa: 1) Make sure you have a fresh filter in place for proper air flow. Your furnace will already be working hard, […]

Having a few boxes of Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix in your pantry is a great way to whip up some easy sides, including this delicious Corn Pudding. This easy recipe features pantry ingredients you always have on hand, and the dish is a delicious crowd pleaser. You can kick it up a little (or a […]

Need some great gift ideas for your friends and family? We have just the answer! Our Local Holiday Gift Buying Guide includes several wonderful non-profits that offer many gifts the recipients are guaranteed to love. Hudgens Center for Art & Learning Located at the end of the Gas South District in Duluth, the Hudgens Center […]

If you’re trying to think of a great gift idea for your family or the “Techie” in your life, a new smart thermostat has many more useful features than traditional thermostats. Plus, they can save you significant money on your energy bills when programmed properly, which is easier than ever to do. However, before you […]

With the holidays on the horizon, it’s the perfect time to share some of our favorite charcuterie board tips for entertaining. Whether you’re serving your charcuterie as a snack between meals, the main course for a date night, or an appetizer to guests before the holiday dinner, charcuterie boards are truly the Swiss army knife […]

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