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How To Reduce Humidity In Your Home

Feeling uncomfortable in your home this summer? It’s likely a humidity issue. Why is humidity a bad thing in your home?  ❌ Warm air holds moisture, making it feel heavy ❌ Makes physical activity more strenuous ❌ Causes sweating and respiratory issues ❌  Warps wood floors and baseboards ❌  Creates a breeding ground for mold Think a portable dehumidifier […]

Why Duct Sealing Is Critical For Your Indoor Comfort

Did you know that around 30% of your conditioned air is likely being released into your attic or crawlspace through leaky ductwork? Not only do leaky ducts let your cool air out, but they let dust, allergens, and other contaminants in. Leaky ducts also drastically reduce your system’s efficiency, increasing energy bills and decreasing comfort. Stop throwing away money in your attic and crawlspace […]

Solving Comfort Issues with Ductless Systems

Do you have a basement, porch, sunroom, or office in your home that’s uncomfortable or always a different temperature? Here’s a simple solution: ductless, wall-mounted air conditioning units, also known as “mini-splits.” 5 Benefits of Ductless Mini-splits: 1) Instant Comfort in Odd Rooms You can finally enjoy spending time year-round in your home office, sunroom, addition, or any […]

7 Tips to Keep Your Home Cool

Boost your comfort and energy savings with our top seven cooling tips to keep your home comfortable during the warm summer months. 1. Keep Cool Air Flowing Make sure air vents and returns aren’t blocked by furniture or drapes. Your system needs proper airflow, and covering vents prevents effective cooling. 2. Consider Cooking Differently Fire […]

Get a Tax Credit *Plus* Rebates on HVAC Equipment

There is no better time to upgrade your heating and cooling system. The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 (IRA) provides major tax credits for installing high-efficiency HVAC equipment. Up to $2000 for one heat pump, or $3200 for two heat pumps. Even better, we’re also offering Instant Rebates up to $1200 on qualifying equipment, which […]

Major Rebates Now Available on American Standard A/C Systems

There is no better time to prepare for peak summer heat than during this special promotion we’re running with American Standard. With our instant rebates, you’ll get up to $1200 off a new A/C system that will keep you comfortable for years and shave big bucks off your energy bills. *PLUS* We’re also combining these rebates with 0% financing for well […]

End-of-Season Pricing on Air Conditioning Systems in Gwinnett

If you’ve been on the fence about replacing your old, unreliable heating & air conditioning system, this is the perfect time to get a free estimate on new systems with modern features and superior comfort. As Georgia’s #1 American Standard dealer, we have great deals on top-rated system in our warehouse. Plus, well qualified customers […]

What’s the Best Way to Control Humidity in My Home?

When it’s muggy outside, it’s muggy inside. And excess humidity can make you miserable. Plus, daily activities such as cooking, cleaning and showering can add as much as 25 pounds of moisture to your home. You can literally see, feel and smell it: Indoor condensation appears on windows, mirrors and cold drinks Your house becomes a […]

7 Tips to Help Your Home Beat the Summer Heat

While Coronavirus has had quite an impact on our community, one of the silver linings has been spending more time with your family at home. With summer temperatures heating up, these 7 top home cooling tips will help boost your comfort and energy savings. 1. Keep Cool Air Flowing Be sure your air vents and […]

“Ouch! How Can I Lower My Electric Bill?”

As the summer heat drags on and power bills spike, homeowners frequently ask us for ways to lower their energy costs. Here are some top tips and a method for finding the energy culprits throughout your house. Shade is Your Friend Close blinds and curtains on the sunnier side of your home. Also considering using […]

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