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Special Offers on HVAC System Replacements & Home Automation

If you know your system is on its last legs and you’ll soon be in the market for a new HVAC replacement system, this is an ideal time to get a free estimate on one of our incredibly reliable American Standard systems. First, we’re offering 0% financing on several systems for well qualified buyers. You’ll enjoy the best HVAC system in town for no money down! Even better, we’ll give you a bonus credit up to $100 for any home automation device for your home. Home Automation Options Include:  Outdoor Lights Cameras Door Locks Garage Doors Remote Switches for any Outlets (control lamps, appliances, etc) Thermostats (of course!) Irrigation Systems And many more… You’ll be amazed how many elements of your home you can control from your smart phone: Want to dial into a camera to see what your pet is up to while you’re on vacation? Want to make sure your garage door is down? Want to turn on your sprinklers during a dry spell? Want to dim all your lights during a dinner party? You can! Speaking of vacation, you can even use Nexia home automation to give the impression that someone’s home by setting your system to close […]

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