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Holtkamp House Chickens Update

So what’s a chicken to do when the temperatures reach the 90s and it’s humid as humid can get?  (And you don’t have a superior functioning AC from the leading HVAC company in the metro Atlanta area?)  You take a siesta, of course! The ladies are getting quite large. (Remember they were born the first week of […]

Spring Means Chicks at Holtkamp House!

It just wouldn’t be spring in Buford, Georgia if the postman (or lady!) didn’t bring chicks to the Holtkamp House.  This year we received eight tiny little fluffballs, yes, overnighted, from our favorite chicken hatchery.  They came in a box chirping and ready to explore the world.  And they were hungry!  We nestled them into […]

Holtkamp House Chicken Update – Welcome New Family!

I have been getting inquiries lately as to the status of our fine-feathered friends, the chickies. I can’t believe I forgot to write about the spring brood! We added 11 new baby chicks to the family. They were shipped overnight, like all the others we have. Here is how they arrived! Unfortunately, we lost two […]

Best of Gwinnett – Time to Vote

It’s that time of year again.  Thanks to everyone who voted us Best Home Services for 2009.  Holtkamp Heating & Air is nominated again this year and we hope you take a few minutes to cast your vote!  The deadline is Friday, Oct. 1.  Thank you! Click here to cast your vote.

Poor Nellie

I was awakened to a cock-a-doodle doo a few weeks ago.  I wiped the sleep from my eyes to realize something was dreadfully wrong.  You see, our nine new hens were about to start laying eggs and we were all aflutter with anticipation.  Alas, our hopes were somewhat dashed upon realizing that Nellie was making all […]

Lucy'sCoop – Written by the Lovable Holtkamp Chicken

I have discovered that I am not the only member of the family with a love of prose.  I have given you below the first (of many, I am sure) diary entries from our beloved Lucy, the buff orpington chicken. (Just a note: our new chicks arrived last week and stay tuned for pictures!) Lucy […]

Holtkamp Chickie Update – Can You Stand It?

Well, we’re parents again.  Not sure if we should celebrate or have an omelette.  Huh?  We were rewarded with our first egg last Saturday at 2:34 p.m. (Yes, I know the exact time it happened.)  Lucy, our buff orpington chicken, started acting a little funny and walking in and out of the coop, which she never […]

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