Spring Means Chicks at Holtkamp House!

It just wouldn’t be spring in Buford, Georgia if the postman (or lady!) didn’t bring chicks to the Holtkamp House.  This year we received eight tiny little fluffballs, yes, overnighted, from our favorite chicken hatchery.  They came in a box chirping and ready to explore the world.  And they were hungry!  We nestled them into a washtub while Eleanor, our dog, watched most intently.  They immediately began eating and drinking and all was well.  Our daughters had “chickie duty” the first night, having to rise several times to make sure there was no distress in Chickie Land.

It’s been about a month now, and the girls are growing quickly!  See below for a chickie photo album update!


Cuddles, one of the newbies, poses nicely. Does Land's End need a Chickie model?

Babe, also a newbie, came to us with a curved beak. We have been assured she will live a normal life but she has to eat ALL THE TIME!


We adopted Betsy from friends who could no longer care for her. She lays the coolest chocolate colored eggs. Unfortunately, she's under the illusion she can hatch her eggs and at last count, she was laying on six eggs! With no "Mr. Betsy" in sight, we just don't have the heart to tell her it's a lost cause!


Checkers still wants everyone to know she rules the roost as she stomps on the grain can and demands a treat.


Eleanor doesn't understand all the diverted attention and still insists she's a "10" on the cuteness scale!


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