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Why Your Air Conditioner May Be Causing Your Sore Throat

Why Your Air Conditioner May Be Causing Your Sore Throat

Indoor air quality and your overall comfort can be improved with the help of air conditioning units. However, when not maintained regularly, these can cause sore throats and other respiratory problems. If your air conditioner is giving you a sore throat, here are the possible reasons: Your Air Conditioning Unit Is Dirty Sore throats are […]

6 Common Causes of Air Conditioning Malfunction

6 Common Causes of Air Conditioning Malfunction

When your AC doesn’t turn on, it can be frustrating, especially if it’s hot outside. But before you call a technician, there are several things you can do to troubleshoot the problem. There are a number of reasons why air conditioners may malfunction. In some cases, the problem may be due to a simple issue […]

7 Benefits of Timely AC Repairs You Should Know About

7 Benefits of Timely AC Repairs You Should Know About

Your air conditioning unit was never designed to run optimally forever. Eventually it will start to wear down and it will stop doing its job efficiently. This is where air conditioning repairs come into play. Regular air conditioner repairs by your local company or technician can ensure that your air conditioning units will continue to […]

AC Maintenance 101: Basic Tips on How to Maintain Your AC

AC Maintenance 101: Basic Tips on How to Maintain Your AC

In this current economic turmoil, making the most out of each purchase would be prudent. Whether these items are new or not, you want them to last longer. You can do that by doing regular maintenance. You have to apply this principle to your AC unit because you can save a lot of money by […]

Major Rebates Now Available on American Standard A/C Systems

There is no better time to prepare for peak summer heat than during this special promotion we’re running with American Standard. With our instant rebates, you’ll get up to $1200 off a new A/C system that will keep you comfortable for years and shave big bucks off your energy bills. *PLUS* We’re also combining these rebates with 0% financing for well […]

The State of HVAC and How it Affects You

With 2020 thankfully behind us, here’s what we see ahead for 2021 concerning your comfort and air quality systems. Knowing you rely on us as your HVAC provider, we want to share important information of what we see as upcoming challenges. 1) Possible Equipment Shortages COVID has had an ongoing impact on manufacturing, and we […]

Keeping Families Comfortable During Coronavirus

Friends, with HVAC being designated as an essential business to keep families comfortable indoors as outdoor temperatures rise, we are taking all recommended precautions to ensure we deliver the best service while keeping you and your family safe. We’re using remote dispatching to get our technicians on their way to your home, rather than gathering […]

Holtkamp HVAC Hits a Perfect 10 with Team Outing

While our company’s focus is on HVAC comfort for homeowners and business owners in Gwinnett and surrounding areas, we also like to take the occasional break to enjoy some team-building time to strengthen our group. After all, the hardworking team that plays together, stays together! As we prepare for the busy warm season, we thought […]

Two Ways Your Home Can Beat the Extreme Heat

Is your system having trouble keeping you comfortable during the dog days of summer? Here are two ways it can beat the extreme summertime heat. Schedule a Tune-up for just $68 Did you know that your system will perform significantly better if you schedule the twice annual maintenance it’s designed for? Imagine driving your car […]

5 Signs it’s Time to Replace Your Air Conditioner

Wondering if it’s time to pull the pull the plug on your old HVAC system? These 5 signs will help you clearly know when you need to replace the old rust bucket with a modern, efficient and reliable air conditioner for your home. 1. System Age: If your air conditioning system is 10 years or […]

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