The Best Time to Buy Variable Speed HVAC Systems

If you’re looking to purchase an HVAC system such as an air conditioner or heat pump, you’ve likely come across the terms variable speed, two-stage, and single-stage. But what do they mean?

In a nutshell, these terms are referring to the speed(s) at which your system can work to cool or heat your home.


What is a Single-stage System?

Single-stage, or single-speed, systems are the most basic systems. They have two settings: on or off. This means they operate at full capacity or not at all. These systems work at full speed to cool down your home, then shut off completely once the desired indoor temperature is reached.

Because they frequently switch from on to off and only operate at 100% max speed, single-stage systems are less expensive upfront but usually the most expensive to operate.


What is a Two-stage System?

Two-stage, or two-speed, systems add more variety by offering a high and low setting. In most cases, the low stage operates around 65 percent capacity, while the high stage operates at 100 percent capacity.

Compared to single-stage systems, the two-stage system offers a middle ground for temperature control. Because it’s not operating at high speed all the time, your system will probably last longer than a single-stage system.


What is a Variable Speed System?

Variable speed, or variable stage, systems are the most efficient and advanced systems on the market.

When you set a temperature on your thermostat, a variable speed system takes into account the indoor and outdoor temperatures, the indoor and outdoor humidity levels, and the run time needed to reach your desired temperature, in order to determine the appropriate output.

Variable speed systems can operate anywhere from 25 percent capacity to 100 percent capacity to meet your temperature needs. (think low, medium, and high speeds with many steps in between) Variable speed systems reach and maintain your home’s desired temperature within half a degree, and because they can operate at lower speeds, they consume significantly less power, which makes them the least expensive to operate over time.

variable speed systems

Special Offers on Variable Speed Systems

There is no better time than now to purchase a variable speed HVAC system. American Standard has just released their new Platinum 17 series, offering variable speed performance at their lowest cost ever.

Additionally, we’re providing complimentary options with the purchase of a variable speed system.

Choose any one of the following special offers:

  • Multiyear Service Agreement (2 years of full coverage at no additional charge)
  • Half-off Duct Sealing (ensure no conditioned air is escaping from your ductwork, Platinum 18 and above)
  • Complimentary Air Cleaner (Platinum 18 and above)
  • High-Velocity Registers (up to 8 registers, Platinum 18 and above)

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