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Merry Christmas From Your Friends at Holtkamp Heating & Air

As the year winds down, we want to thank you for trusting us with your comfort. It’s a pleasure serving you and your family, and we wish you a healthy and prosperous 2020. Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!

Holtkamp Heating & Air Celebrates Completion of Mural Project at the Suwanee Gateway

Holtkamp Heating & Air is pleased to announce the completion of the murals on the sides of their new headquarters on Interstate 85 at the Suwanee Gateway. The large murals have transformed the exterior of the new building into a highly visual landmark and will serve as an ongoing source of pride for the city of Suwanee and Gwinnett County. Mural artist Jason Watts of Chicago, Illinois, spent four weeks carefully bringing the mural to life on two sides of the building, seen by tens of thousands of vehicles on Interstate 85 per day. The mural first features Settles Bridge, representing the past and pulling the viewer into the mural. As they traverse the bridge, this metaphorically leads the viewer into the present and the iconic Suwanee City Hall that serves as the center of the community today. A secondary mural on the south-facing side of the building captures the energy and vibrancy of the music, arts, and parks scene in Suwanee. “Gwinnett County is such a beautiful area, and I wanted this mural to stand out as a celebration of the community, while also being in harmony with everything here as well” said Jason Watts, mural artist. “It’s gratifying […]

Why Should Your Child Explore Technical Education?

When I graduated from technical school in Iowa in 1985, a college classmate lined me up with a job opportunity in Stone Mountain. Fresh out of school and just getting started in my career, I had always been inspired by the independent and entrepreneurial farmers from my community and knew one day I would own my own business. What made that dream possible? First, hard work and drive. These are always key ingredients in success of any kind. But the primary foundation for my career was the solid heating and air fundamentals I learned in my HVAC technical education program. That foundation, combined with 10 years working for the largest HVAC companies in metro Atlanta, helped me realize my dream and launch my business in 1996. Fast-forward 22 years and now I’m working hard as a living example to help young people embrace technical education as an affordable and enjoyable path to lifelong careers and happiness.  Why should your child consider exploring the option of technical eduction? Let’s look at the numbers. A Brief Assessment of Higher Education in America Why is it that we have a mindset where high school should automatically be followed with a four year degree […]

9 Tips for Fall Home Heating Safety & Efficiency

With winter weather closing in, here are 9 simple and highly affordable ways to make sure your family’s comfort and safety is at its peak before the coldest weather arrives. 1. Change your filter. Swapping your filter will help your system “breathe” when in operation. When it’s clogged due to a dirty filter, it’s literally adding dollars to your energy bills. Normally, swapping at 60 days or even up to 90 may be acceptable. If you have a pet that sheds, closer to 30 days is recommended. Bonus filter tip: Choose the cheapest filters from your home improvement store, unless you have sensitive family members with severe allergies. Those affordable filters will catch the bulk of the dust and dander just fine, saving you some serious bucks over the unnecessary high-end filters. 2. Don’t block vents. Make sure that furniture, curtains, coffee tables and other items are not obstructing your floor vents. Your system was designed to have air flow pouring out of those vents, and when blocked, it will not heat your home properly. Bonus vent tip: If dog or pet hair is bunching up around your HVAC returns, be sure to vacuum it up and keep it out of […]

Our Heartfelt Thanks to Those that Serve

While sitting at a red light this week, Suzanne saw this 18-wheeler driving past and was struck by the powerful headline and imagery. It was a stark reminder of how grateful we should be to those who volunteer to serve, many of whom are leaving families behind for long stretches of time. And others who make the ultimate sacrifice for their country. Please thank a soldier for their service the next time you see one. And please pray for the safety of those that are deployed all around the globe to protect our country. Freedom truly is fragile, especially in times like these. May God bless those that step up to serve with honor.

A Touching Tribute to a Holtkamp Customer who Loved Roses

Last year I shared some tips on heirloom roses for your garden, noting they are less trouble, less maintenance, vigorous growers, produce beautiful hued blooms and come in plentiful shapes, sizes, fragrances, and hues. We included this article as part of our monthly eNewsletter (sign up here!), and I was touched to get a beautiful response from Holtkamp Heating & Air customer Harvey Flamholtz. Harvey’s late wife, Cathy, was a rose lover with two basic premises: 1. If they don’t have a fragrance, they might as well be plastic. 2. I’m not going to spend all my time pampering them. If they’re so fragile that they die, they die. Since her passing, Harvey admits their back yard has become somewhat overgrown, since most of what Cathy planted were climbers and he didn’t have the knowledge or inclination to prune them. An Invitation Despite their “wilder” condition, Harvey knew I would be delighted by the dozens of roses and other plant species throughout their back yard, and I happily accepted his invitation for a visit. Cathy’s hard work definitely didn’t disappoint! At every turn, there were new colors, new shapes and new scents of heirloom and other roses. Cathy became a big fan of the David Austin roses, which are […]

3 Reasons to Visit us at the Atlanta Home Show

The 18th Annual North Atlanta Home Show is taking place this weekend, February 6-8th at the Gwinnett Arena. At our booth, we’ll be sharing our story about delivering the very best 5-star HVAC service in the area for the past two decades. Here are 3 valuable reasons to stop by our booth at the show: 1) Free Hot Sauce Yes, Matthew has his own bottled hot sauce, and it’s a BIG hit with our customers. You can have a bottle free just for stopping by. Trust us, it’ll keep you warm all winter! 2) Bose Blue Tooth Speaker Giveaway Enter to win a high-end Bose blue tooth speaker, and you’ll be jamming to your tunes inside and outside your home! 3) Special Heating Tune-up Pricing You’ll be able to schedule our 21-point tune-up inspection at a lower price than we’ve ever offered! It will extend the life of your unit, lower your power bills and prevent costly breakdowns. It’s a no-brainer! BONUS: Save $2 off your Ticket! As the coupon sponsor of the North Atlanta Home Show, we’re offering $2 off your ticket into the show! Just print this page and bring it with you for the savings. We look […]

Smarter Living Tip: Bags of Black Gold

We’re approaching mid-November and the time here in Metro Atlanta when leaves are everywhere. I often awaken in the morning to the sound of leaf blowers. (Whatever happened to the quaint use of a broom which neither spoils the blissful morning air nor blows leaf particles into everyone’s hair – but that’s an entirely different article!) I see landscapers everywhere blowing, blowing, blowing leaves right into the middle of the road or even into storm sewers. Every time I see this, I think to myself, “Don’t they know they’re throwing (and blowing) away gold?” I think I have your attention now! When we built our new “old-style” home eight years ago, the contractors stripped away the top layer of our soil trying to even out a small hill into a level Garden of Eden. Unfortunately, my Garden of Eden soon proved to be a Garden of “Needin’” because nothing would grow. I began to compost anything I could get my hands on, which was literally tons of work. And then the fall leaves came. It was manna from heaven. Matthew began running over the leaves from the comfort of his John Deere lawn tractor (complete with convenient beverage holder) and […]

Holtkamp HVAC Offering Big Savings on Trane HVAC Financing

Matthew Holtkamp, Owner and Operator of Holtkamp Heating & Air, recently attended the Trane Dealer Conference in San Antonio, Texas. In addition to his decades of experience in the HVAC industry, Matthew is a Trane Comfort Specialist, which means he knows Trane units inside and out and can answer virtually any HVAC question you might have. Holtkamp HVAC is a proud Atlanta Trane dealer, and we’re excited to share some HUGE savings. The savings are almost as big as this inflatable Trane Unit from the conference! Take advantage of this incredible offer from Trane and schedule your free HVAC estimate today.  

5 Ways to Maximize Your Heating

With this holiday season’s constant weather changes, it’s important to know how to get the most out of your heating system. Here are five great ways to keep the heat inside your home, where it belongs: 1. Seal in humidity. Shower with the door open, don’t use the bathroom fan and boil lots of pasta in your kitchen. Steam and humidity are your friends in the wintertime, so encourage them to stay inside. 2. Consider an indoor humidifier. Not the kind you get at the drugstore, but a true, whole-house humidifier as an addition to your system. In the wintertime, humidity is really what makes your home feel comfortable. 3. Check for drafts and insulation. Keep your heated air and humidity inside, and keep the cold air outside! A drafty home is almost impossible to keep at a comfortable temperature, since it’s leaking warm air. 4. Drop your thermostat lower. Crank it down when nobody is there, and turn it up later. Unlike cooling a hot house down in summer, it’s actually very easy to warm up your house quickly in the wintertime because modern-day furnaces are so efficient. 5. Better yet, program your thermostat. Rather than manually controlling your […]

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