5 Ways to Maximize Your Heating

With this holiday season’s constant weather changes, it’s important to know how to get the most out of your heating system. Here are five great ways to keep the heat inside your home, where it belongs:

1. Seal in humidity. Shower with the door open, don’t use the bathroom fan and boil lots of pasta in your kitchen. Steam and humidity are your friends in the wintertime, so encourage them to stay inside.

2. Consider an indoor humidifier. Not the kind you get at the drugstore, but a true, whole-house humidifier as an addition to your system. In the wintertime, humidity is really what makes your home feel comfortable.

3. Check for drafts and insulation. Keep your heated air and humidity inside, and keep the cold air outside! A drafty home is almost impossible to keep at a comfortable temperature, since it’s leaking warm air.

4. Drop your thermostat lower. Crank it down when nobody is there, and turn it up later. Unlike cooling a hot house down in summer, it’s actually very easy to warm up your house quickly in the wintertime because modern-day furnaces are so efficient.

5. Better yet, program your thermostat. Rather than manually controlling your thermostat at all times of day, take a minute to program your thermostat and let it do all the work! Call us at 770.271.7511—we’ll walk you through the easy steps of programming your thermostat and can make recommendations on temperature settings.

Following these simple tips can go a long way toward ensuring your family’s comfort throughout this holiday season. Visit our Facebook page for more great tips all year long!

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