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Matthew gives Keynote Speech at Honor Society Induction

Our company has always been dedicated to connecting with our community and giving back wherever we can. From our Gwinnett CAN Challenge efforts to fill local food banks to our sponsorship of Aurora Theatre in support of the arts, we hope to have a positive impact on causes that mean a lot to us and make our community special. In recent years, Matthew had the profound honor of being invited to become a member of the Gwinnett Technical College Board of Trustees. We highlight education and certification as a key component of having a top notch HVAC team, so this membership was a natural fit for him. Matthew was recently asked to give the Keynote address for the Phi Theta Kappa honor society induction ceremony. The purpose of Phi Theta Kappa is to recognize and encourage scholarship among two-year college students. They provide opportunities for the development of leadership and service, for an intellectual climate for exchange of ideas and ideals, for lively fellowship for scholars, and for stimulation of interest in continuing academic excellence. The focus of Matthew’s address was goal setting. He explained the power behind long term goals, using flexible short term goals, and his own unorthodox “anti-goals”, things you don’t want for yourself. Matthew […]

Please Join Us in Praying For Our Country

No matter how many years pass, the memories of Sept. 11, 2001 will always be with us.  As we start this day, we ask you to join the Holtkamp Family Foundation and Holtkamp Heating & Air as we commit this day to prayer as we go about taking care of our businesses, children and families.  Pray for families, pray for our country, pray for our leaders that we can all be open to God’s love and healing.  Pray for strength that we may hold fast to truth, seek beauty and spread goodness. Today we will join in Ora et Labora.  Pray and Work.  (The Rule of St. Benedict) May God bless you in your day and may God Bless America.

Is Your Ceiling Fan Really Cooling You Down?

This should be an open and shut case, right?  You’re feeling hot in the scorching Atlanta summer, you’re sensitive to your electricity usage and so you flip on the ceiling fan.  Instant, cheap coolness, right?  Not so fast. While it’s true that the moisture on you skin will evaporate and help you feel cooler with circulating air, there are a few points to consider when deciding if this is truly an efficient way to cool your home. 1) How high are your ceilings?  If you have standard 8 or 9 foot ceilings, then yes, circulating the air will help you feel cooler and not significantly raise your energy usage.  However, if you have vaulted ceilings, you will actually be increasing your energy usage.  Why?  Heat rises and cool air falls.  This creates a natural band of cooler air at the bottom of your rooms.  If you turn on a ceiling fan and disturb this layer, you will actually be cooling EVERY square inch of air in your room, not just the cool band where you live.  The consequences?  Higher, more uncomfortable temps and higher electricity bills.  Best to leave the ceiling fan off in this instance. 2) On a porch, […]

Artworks! Gwinnett and "Off the Hook" Rug Exhibit

ArtWorks! Gwinnett is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization that cultivates and promotes arts opportunities in Gwinnett County, GA that enhance cultural and economic capital and enrich the county’s residents and the business community.  We have worked with Artworks! Gwinnett on several projects now and their level of commitment to the community is awesome.  Sally Corbett, Director, brings a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to the organization. Artworks! Gwinnett is currently the promotional sponsor for the “Off the Hook – Exploring Our Rug Hooking Heritage” exhibit at the Gwinnett Environmental & Heritage Center.  Suzanne Holtkamp is serving as the volunteer chairperson for the three month long exhibit representing the Atlanta/Dogwood chapter of ATHA (Association of Traditional Hooking Artists).  As well, Holtkamp Heating & Air serves as an in-kind donor for this wonderful cultural exhibit.  Stay tuned for more wonderful community events and more awe-inspiring Gwinnett arts!  

Spring Means Chicks at Holtkamp House!

It just wouldn’t be spring in Buford, Georgia if the postman (or lady!) didn’t bring chicks to the Holtkamp House.  This year we received eight tiny little fluffballs, yes, overnighted, from our favorite chicken hatchery.  They came in a box chirping and ready to explore the world.  And they were hungry!  We nestled them into a washtub while Eleanor, our dog, watched most intently.  They immediately began eating and drinking and all was well.  Our daughters had “chickie duty” the first night, having to rise several times to make sure there was no distress in Chickie Land. It’s been about a month now, and the girls are growing quickly!  See below for a chickie photo album update!          

Suzanne Holtkamp Recipient of First Heritage Keepers Award

The Gwinnett Environmental and Heritage Center (GEHC) and the Atlanta Dogwood Chapter of the Association of Traditional Hooking Artists (ATHA) celebrated the opening of its newest traveling exhibit “Off the Hook“ by hosting a Hook-In on Saturday, April 14th.  In addition to viewing the 200 plus rugs on display, more than 125 rug hooking enthusiasts participated by demonstrating their craft and listening to a lecture on the history of rug hooking by Gail Dufrense, national president of ATHA . In recognition of her efforts to bring the exciting exhibit to life, the GEHC Foundation honored Suzanne Holtkamp at the event with its first annual Heritage Keeper Award.  “Suzanne Holtkamp was the driving force behind the creation of this exhibit and the GEHC appreciates her efforts to preserve this craft and to provide awareness on its importance and contributions to American culture,” said Jason West, GEHC director of educational programming and development. Holtkamp began working on the development of the rug hooking exhibit along with dozens of members of the Atlanta Dogwood ATHA Chapter more than a year ago. “Suzanne is very dedicated and organized. She has worked tirelessly with the GEHC staff, not only in planning the physical layout of […]

Aurora Theatre Presents the Fourth Annual Festival of Trees

Hard to believe that Thanksgiving is but a few days away and Christmas is but a few weeks.  My usual bah-humbug attitude has received a jolt this year.  You see, I have been enlisting elves of all sorts to prepare the Holtkamp Heating & Air Christmas tree which was put on display in the Aurora Theatre for the 4th Annual Festival of Trees.  Yes, the below picture shows some of those elves preparing cans to build our tree; you didn’t think we’d have just an ordinary tree, did you? Over 30 companies and organizations have “done it up” on trees of all shapes and colors, filling the Aurora Theatre lobby with good cheer and well, yes… lots of lights.  The lobby is open for all to view the beautiful trees and I am counting on all of you to come armed with unwrapped toys and canned goods to vote for the Holtkamp Tree!  Simply place these items underneath our tree and you will have registered your vote (or 4 or 5 or 100) for the Holtkamp Tree to be named “Best of the Fest”.  All toys will be donated to Toys for Tots and all canned goods are part of […]

Gwinnett CAN Challenge Update

A big thank you to The Gwinnett Daily Post who accepted the Gwinnett CAN Challenge and provided two locations for Holtkamp Heating & Air to collect food towards our 10 ton goal. The first was the Taste of Home Cooking School at the Gwinnett Center where some 1,000 excited students had fun while learning new recipes and cooking tips.  Over 1,500 food items were donated by School attendees.  On Nov. 11, over 1,300 food items were collected at the Veteran’s Day Concert where the Army Field Corps Band and Chorus performed.  Below are a few pictures.  The Gwinnett Salvation Army and the Quinn House were the recipients of over one ton of the collected food.  Thank you J.K. and Eleanor of the Post for working with us and bringing our grand total up to 2.5 tons!

Matthew Holtkamp Gets Egged

Looky, looky who had a birthday this month – Good OLD Matthew.  A mysterious chicken showed up and would have been turned away if not for the Yuengling beer which he clutched in both wings.  It doesn’t take much to make Matthew happy.  Just a visit from a chicken and a few beers.   And maybe an air conditioner or two…  Happy Birthday Old Man

Need Freon for Your AC? Not So Fast!

Gwinnett County is abuzz with graduations, last days of school, recitals, and ball games.  Here in Buford, that means party season.   (That reminds me; our mailbox has made it through so far, intact.  Whoops.  I just may have jinxed it.)  Have you called us for your cooling maintenance visit?  Or are you a new customer who needs a “charge” of freon to get you through the season? Basics first.  Your cooling system is self-contained.  After being installed, it was charged with the proper amount and pressure of freon and then closed and sealed.  If your system is freezing up and requiring additional freon to properly cool, that means you have a leak.  Adding freon is a temporary and sometimes, irresponsible fix.  The freon will eventually leak out; it’s just a matter of time.  It may last 2 hours or 2 months.  Consider financial and environmental factors as well.  Adding freon can be costly, especially with no guarantee of how long it will last.  Adding freon to a leaky system also poses environmental quandries.  Knowingly releasing freon into the atmosphere is against EPA regulations. We can locate the freon leak and properly repair it.  Once done, we recharge the unit and warranty the repair for the […]

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