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Our company has always been dedicated to connecting with our community and giving back wherever we can. From our Gwinnett CAN Challenge efforts to fill local food banks to our sponsorship of Aurora Theatre in support of the arts, we hope to have a positive impact on causes that mean a lot to us and make […]

No matter how many years pass, the memories of Sept. 11, 2001 will always be with us.  As we start this day, we ask you to join the Holtkamp Family Foundation and Holtkamp Heating & Air as we commit this day to prayer as we go about taking care of our businesses, children and families.  Pray for families, […]

This should be an open and shut case, right?  You’re feeling hot in the scorching Atlanta summer, you’re sensitive to your electricity usage and so you flip on the ceiling fan.  Instant, cheap coolness, right?  Not so fast. While it’s true that the moisture on you skin will evaporate and help you feel cooler with […]

ArtWorks! Gwinnett is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization that cultivates and promotes arts opportunities in Gwinnett County, GA that enhance cultural and economic capital and enrich the county’s residents and the business community.  We have worked with Artworks! Gwinnett on several projects now and their level of commitment to the community is awesome.  Sally Corbett, Director, […]

It just wouldn’t be spring in Buford, Georgia if the postman (or lady!) didn’t bring chicks to the Holtkamp House.  This year we received eight tiny little fluffballs, yes, overnighted, from our favorite chicken hatchery.  They came in a box chirping and ready to explore the world.  And they were hungry!  We nestled them into […]

The Gwinnett Environmental and Heritage Center (GEHC) and the Atlanta Dogwood Chapter of the Association of Traditional Hooking Artists (ATHA) celebrated the opening of its newest traveling exhibit “Off the Hook“ by hosting a Hook-In on Saturday, April 14th.  In addition to viewing the 200 plus rugs on display, more than 125 rug hooking enthusiasts […]

Hard to believe that Thanksgiving is but a few days away and Christmas is but a few weeks.  My usual bah-humbug attitude has received a jolt this year.  You see, I have been enlisting elves of all sorts to prepare the Holtkamp Heating & Air Christmas tree which was put on display in the Aurora […]

A big thank you to The Gwinnett Daily Post who accepted the Gwinnett CAN Challenge and provided two locations for Holtkamp Heating & Air to collect food towards our 10 ton goal. The first was the Taste of Home Cooking School at the Gwinnett Center where some 1,000 excited students had fun while learning new recipes and […]

Looky, looky who had a birthday this month – Good OLD Matthew.  A mysterious chicken showed up and would have been turned away if not for the Yuengling beer which he clutched in both wings.  It doesn’t take much to make Matthew happy.  Just a visit from a chicken and a few beers.   And maybe […]

Gwinnett County is abuzz with graduations, last days of school, recitals, and ball games.  Here in Buford, that means party season.   (That reminds me; our mailbox has made it through so far, intact.  Whoops.  I just may have jinxed it.)  Have you called us for your cooling maintenance visit?  Or are you a new customer who […]

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