Need Freon for Your AC? Not So Fast!

Gwinnett County is abuzz with graduations, last days of school, recitals, and ball games.  Here in Buford, that means party season.   (That reminds me; our mailbox has made it through so far, intact.  Whoops.  I just may have jinxed it.)  Have you called us for your cooling maintenance visit?  Or are you a new customer who needs a “charge” of freon to get you through the season?

Basics first.  Your cooling system is self-contained.  After being installed, it was charged with the proper amount and pressure of freon and then closed and sealed.  If your system is freezing up and requiring additional freon to properly cool, that means you have a leak.  Adding freon is a temporary and sometimes, irresponsible fix.  The freon will eventually leak out; it’s just a matter of time.  It may last 2 hours or 2 months.  Consider financial and environmental factors as well.  Adding freon can be costly, especially with no guarantee of how long it will last.  Adding freon to a leaky system also poses environmental quandries.  Knowingly releasing freon into the atmosphere is against EPA regulations.

We can locate the freon leak and properly repair it.  Once done, we recharge the unit and warranty the repair for the life of the system (ComfortCare Plan Members).  We help customers make the most of their resources, by considering the system’s age, the coil’s age and the anticipated expense of the repair.  Continuing to recharge and operate a leaky, inefficient system may be more costly than replacing it .  These are all factors to consider before deciding to spend any money at all.  And all options we can help you put down in real dollars and cents.

So if you’ve got 129 of your closest relatives coming over to celebrate Susie’s graduation and your unit is freezing up, give us a call as soon as possible.  We don’t want you stressed out about your AC.  We can handle that.  You have more important things to do, like decide which flavor ice cream matches Susie’s graduation outfit.

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