The State of HVAC and How it Affects You

With 2020 thankfully behind us, here’s what we see ahead for 2021 concerning your comfort and air quality systems. Knowing you rely on us as your HVAC provider, we want to share important information of what we see as upcoming challenges.

1) Possible Equipment Shortages

COVID has had an ongoing impact on manufacturing, and we saw regular shortages of systems and accessories industry-wide last year. We’re already starting to see minor disruptions in 2021, and want to make sure you can get the equipment you need.

If you are in a situation where the loss of air conditioning will create a health emergency, we strongly encourage you to schedule maintenance early. Our techs can advise if a replacement is in your best interest.

If you’ve been holding out for a new system, it would be wise to get an estimate soon so your order can be placed and scheduled.

We currently have a full inventory of a wide variety of components so if the above relates to you, please request a free estimate today and be first in line while all options available.

2) Maximize Indoor Air Quality at Home & Work

For over 25 years, we’ve been delivering cutting-edge services and products that boost indoor air quality and comfort. Who knew that a global pandemic would make these options more important than ever?

If you want to make sure your family or employees have the healthiest air possible, consider:

• Electronic Air Cleaners
• UV Lights
• Ozone Generators
• Ventilation Systems

Throughout the month of March, we’re offering our most competitive pricing on these healthy air solutions to get them in any as many homes and workplaces as possible. You’ll eliminate microscopic particles in the air including viruses, bacteria and pollen.

If you would like more information or a free estimate on any of these HVAC services, please contact us.

Thanks for trusting us with your comfort,

Matthew Holtkamp
Owner, Holtkamp Heating & Air

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