AC Maintenance 101: Basic Tips on How to Maintain Your AC

In this current economic turmoil, making the most out of each purchase would be prudent. Whether these items are new or not, you want them to last longer. You can do that by doing regular maintenance.

You have to apply this principle to your AC unit because you can save a lot of money by engaging in AC cleaning and maintenance. The following are some of the most basic procedures you can do at home to take care of your AC unit:

Examine the Thermostat

Professional AC cleaning and maintenance crews often check the unit’s thermostat. As the name suggests, a thermostat controls the temperature inside your home. If it is not functioning properly, your AC unit will be forced to run continuously, leading to wear and tear.

Thermostats are a vital part of an AC unit, so if you find that yours is malfunctioning, it would be best to have it checked by a specialist. You can contact a company that offers ac repair and maintenance near you.

A smart thermostat will be best if you want to maximize your savings. Doing so means that you can easily monitor your energy consumption.

Clean or Replace Air Filters

Air filters help prevent dust and other impurities from entering your AC unit. As a result, the unit will experience less wear and tear. In addition, these filters will help maintain the unit’s cooling efficiency.

It is an excellent idea to check your AC unit’s air filters once a month. It is best to check the filters twice a month if you have pets. To do so, turn off the unit’s power first. Then, remove the filter’s cover and inspect it.

If it is filthy, you have to clean it. If it is destroyed, you have to replace it. Failing to do so will force you to replace the whole AC unit.

Clean the Outside Unit

If you ask a professional AC service and maintenance team, they will tell you that cleaning the unit is essential for its longevity. The outside unit is prone to accumulating dirt and grime because it is exposed to the weather. If you fail to clean the unit, the buildup will lead to the accumulation of dirt. Consequently, your AC unit will not work as well as you want.

Failing to do a quick cleaning on the outside unit once a month can lead to the unit’s significant deterioration. It is best to hire a professional AC cleaning and maintenance crew to do this cleaning. Doing this will prevent you from damaging the unit.

Check the Wiring and Other Components

It also pays to regularly check the AC unit’s wiring and other components to ensure they are functioning well. If you have problems with the air conditioner’s wiring, you must call a professional maintenance and repair crew to take care of the problem.


Maintaining your AC unit will help you save money and prolong your unit’s life. If you want to ensure that you are doing it right, it is best to call a professional AC cleaning and maintenance team. Proper maintenance will also help maintain your home or office’s maximum comfort and convenience.

You would be better off engaging in professional AC cleaning and maintenance than doing the task yourself. Your AC unit will be in better shape if you ask Holtkamp Heating & Air to do it because you are guaranteed that we know what we are doing. Book an appointment now!

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