Holtkamp House Chickens Update

So what’s a chicken to do when the temperatures reach the 90s and it’s humid as humid can get?  (And you don’t have a superior functioning AC from the leading HVAC company in the metro Atlanta area?)  You take a siesta, of course!

The ladies are getting quite large. (Remember they were born the first week of April.)  So, Margaret decided the new chickies needed a little bit of a spa exeperience.  She wrestled some gardening stakes away from me and found some fencing in the garage.  A short 30 minutes later, she had the perimeter set up and began transporting the chickens into their vacation spot.  A cabana, nice cool water bar and all-you-can-eat buffet completed the 5 Star experience.

Margaret fashions spa together with true Holtkamp ingenuity.


Demelza and Sunshine look longingly for the others to join them.

The girls enjoy the organic, fresh, and healthy fare at the spa salad bar.

The complete spa facility can house many more guests and boasts an array of luxurious amenities. However, facials must be scheduled at least one day in advance!


The chickies thoroughly enjoyed their day.  So much so that they immediately booked the facility for the entire next week.  Only one piece of somewhat disturbing news – Sunshine began crowing shortly after having checked into her room.  Hence, we have renamed HIM “Sonny” and his fate is yet to be determined.

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