7 Tips to Help Your Home Beat the Summer Heat

While Coronavirus has had quite an impact on our community, one of the silver linings has been spending more time with your family at home. With summer temperatures heating up, these 7 top home cooling tips will help boost your comfort and energy savings.

1. Keep Cool Air Flowing

Be sure your air vents and returns aren’t blocked by couches, tables, curtains or other obstructions. Your home’s HVAC system was designed to allow for maximum air flow, and covering the vents prevents proper cooling of your rooms.

2. Consider Different Ways to Cook

Keep your home more comfortable by firing up the grill instead of heating up your oven or cooking on the stove. The longer days and beautiful evening weather makes outdoor cooking a breeze. Cooking in an Instant Pot also cuts down on residual heat in your home.

Check our Smart Living posts for many tasty family recipes, including some flavorful Instant Pot dishes.

3. Manage Your Windows

Keeping your blinds, drapes, shutters or shades closed during the peak heat of the day (mid to late-afternoon) will help keep your home cool, especially for south-facing windows.

4. Regularly Change Your Filter

The easiest thing you can do to help keep your system running smoothly is changing your HVAC filters at least every 60 days. If you have pets, consider changing filters every 30 days.

Your system needs strong air flow, and fresh filters let your system “breathe” cool air into every corner of your home.

5. Give Your Outdoor Unit Space

Keep your outdoor unit clear of all vines, brush, leaves and other yard debris. Provide at least 18-24 inches of space for proper air flow and maximum efficiency.

6. Schedule a Professional Tune-up

Imagine driving your car for 50,000 miles and never changing the oil. It wouldn’t perform very well, and without proper maintenance, neither will your air conditioning system.

Our highly trained HVAC techs will get your system in tip-top shape with a comprehensive 21-point precision tune-up. In fact, your system was designed to have professional maintenance performed twice per year.

After an extensive tune-up, your A/C’s performance and efficiency will drastically improve, providing you with cooler air and lower energy bills.

7. Explore New Energy Efficient Systems

If your system is ten years old or older and you know it’s about to kick the bucket, don’t waste money by repairing an old unit that will soon fail. Modern systems are significantly more efficient than units built even just ten years ago, costing much less to operate while delivering better comfort. Plus, they’re whisper quiet when operating.

There are options for every budget, and convenient financing for qualified customers.

For a 21-point tune-up or a free system replacement estimate, please call 770-271-7511 or contact us.

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