7 Tips to Keep Your Home Cool

Boost your comfort and energy savings with our top seven cooling tips to keep your home comfortable during the warm summer months.

1. Keep Cool Air Flowing

Make sure air vents and returns aren’t blocked by furniture or drapes. Your system needs proper airflow, and covering vents prevents effective cooling.

2. Consider Cooking Differently

Fire up the grill on hot days instead of heating your oven. This will reduce residual heat in your home. (Get our delicious hamburger recipe here!)

3. Manage Your Windows

Keep blinds, drapes, or shutters closed during the peak heat of the day (mid to late-afternoon), especially for south-facing windows.

4. Keep Your Filter Fresh

Change your HVAC filters every 60 days. If you have pets, consider changing filters every 30 days. Fresh filters maximize airflow and let your system “breathe.”

5. Make Some Space

Keep your outdoor unit clear of brush, leaves, and yard debris. Provide at least 24” of space for proper airflow and maximum efficiency.

6. Get an AC Tune-up

Just like changing the oil in your car, your AC needs regular maintenance for peak performance and reliability. Regular tune-ups will also extend the life of your system. Get a professional tune-up for only $68 when you mention this offer! Call 770-271-7511 or book online.

7. Consider a New System

Don’t waste money repairing an old unit when you can get major tax credits and savings on a new energy-efficient system. Plus, your power bills will plummet.

For a limited time: Qualify for up to $2000 in Federal Tax Credits, plus get an additional Instant Rebate up to $1200 for qualifying equipment. Combine that with special financing, and you’ve got a great deal on a new system.

Get a Free Estimate on a new Air Conditioning System: Call 770-271-7511 or book online at a time convenient to you.


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