Holtkamp Heating & Air is the proud recipient of the 2021 Building a Higher Standard Award from American Standard. This prestigious honor is given to only 4 top dealers around the country who are setting new standards of excellence in the heating and air industry. This video tells the story behind the business and how […]

Whether it’s a special occasion or you’re entertaining guests, sometimes a grilled steak is the perfect choice. But how can you take your steak from ordinary to extraordinary? This simple steak marinade is packed full of flavor to help your steaks have that extra little something that will have your friends and family raving from […]

Happy First Day of Fall!  Eleanor has 5 tips to keep it from being a ruff winter. 1) Change your filter every 60-90 days, or every 30 days if you have pets. A clogged filter makes your system work overtime, driving up energy bills. 2) Make sure you aren’t covering your home’s air vents and […]

Ever find yourself in a home improvement store facing rows of HVAC filters and confused by all the options? Are you tempted to splurge on some of the fancy, thick, pleated filters that cost a pretty penny and make all sorts of health-related promises? It can be overwhelming when trying to make the best decision for your […]

We are pleased to announce a “SuiteStakes” community raffle to help support Special Kneads & Treats bakery in Lawrenceville. Through our Holtkamp Family Foundation, Matthew and Suzanne Holtkamp are helping the bakery raise funds to pay off their building. This achievement will free up funds and allow the bakery to bring many of the 225+ […]

There’s nothing like those few sunny warm days after a cold bleak winter to turn even the most hardened city dweller to thoughts of gardening. My friends are often surprised to hear that I vastly prefer fall vegetable gardening in Georgia to either spring or summer. Why? Let me count the ways… Fewer bugs Less […]

As the owner of a company dedicated to hard work and superior customer service, Matthew Holtkamp first got his start over 35 years ago at technical college in Iowa. Knowing this education gave him a solid foundation of skills that eventually led to him owning his own company, Matthew has always worked hard to give […]

It’s blueberry season, and we have the very best blueberry muffin recipe that you’ve ever tasted. The secret ingredient is buttermilk, making these muffins moist, rich and tasty. And since the local blueberry farms have just opened for summer picking, now is the perfect time to bring the kids and pick a bucket of blueberries […]

All of us at Holtkamp Heating & Air are excited to share Governor Kemp’s exceptional selections to fill two vacant seats on the State Construction Licensing Board- Division of Conditioned Air Contractors. CAAG (Conditioned Air Association of Georgia) President & Holtkamp Heating & Air Owner, Matthew Holtkamp, is one of Governor Kemp’s two appointees. He […]

If you want to take your brunch game up a notch, a creamy, rich hollandaise sauce will make your family swoon. But how can we take this famously fussy sauce and make it simple to prepare? Forget endless whisking, and break out your blender instead! Plus, with a few dashes of our famous habanero hot […]

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