20 Pollen Tips to Help Reduce Spring Allergies

As clouds of pollen continue to descend on our area, these 20 pollen tips will help you survive a beautiful spring season with less of the accompanying allergy symptoms:

1. Save outside activities for after a rainfall when the pollen will be cleared from the air. Avoid dry, windy days when pollen swirls most.

2. Tempted to open your doors and windows on a beautiful spring day? You’re letting clouds of pollen into your home. Keep them closed as much as possible.

3. Wear sunglasses when outdoors to help prevent itchy, watery eyes.

4. Your dog’s fur and paws are like pollen magnets. Use a damp cloth or paper towel to wipe down your pets and their paws after being outside.

5. Keep outdoor activities to the evenings when pollen counts are lowest.

6. Much of the pollen in your home enters on your shoes. Keep a door mat at each entrance to your home and wipe your feet.

7.  Encourage family & visitors to remove their shoes as soon as they come indoors.

8. Remove clothes worn outside, and shower to rinse your skin and hair. Otherwise, that pollen will end up on your furniture and in your bed. Yikes!

9. Wash your bedding weekly in hot water that is at least 130°F to remove allergens and kill dust mites that can trigger symptoms.

10. Keep your grass shorter which reduces allergens and helps prevent pollination.

11. Download a free app like WebMD Allergy to monitor allergy and pollen levels and check it daily. You’ll get notifications for high levels of pollen and identify days with lower pollen counts to make outdoor plans.

12. Keep your car windows and sunroof closed, even on beautiful spring days.

13. Make sure the recirculate air option is selected on your car’s air conditioner to minimize pollen coming into your car and getting past your cabin air filter.

14. Don’t dry laundry outside as pollen can stick to clothing and bedding, which is then carried into your home.

15. If you take over-the-counter medication for allergies, take it before you have symptoms or spend time outdoors on high count pollen days.

16. Do simple household chores more often during pollen season. Clean floors with a damp mop, and make sure to vacuum rugs and carpets.

17. Dust smarter: dust surfaces from top to bottom and use a damp microfiber cloth. This will collect the dust instead of pushing it around and into the air.

18. While dining on the patio sounds nice in the spring, save those plans until May when the peak pollen season has passed.

19. To remove pollen, mold, and other particles from the air in your home, consider a whole-home electric air purifier. We offer these miracle machines which sit alongside your indoor unit and can trap up to 99% of asthma triggers in your home’s air.

20. Keep your indoor air humidity between 35-55% with a humidity control system that will benefit your whole house. This helps keep your lungs and nasal passages hydrated and can help filter out allergens from the air you breathe. The fresher air will be noticeable and put a smile on your family’s face!

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