Ductless Mini Splits

Cooling_Ductless_MiniSplitsDo you have an odd room in your house that’s always a different temperature than the rest of your home? From sunrooms to basements, perhaps your existing air conditioner or furnace isn’t providing a consistent level of comfort.

Fortunately, we have a simple solution for your frustration: ductless, wall-mounted air conditioning units, also known as “ductless mini splits.” These slim-profile indoor units attach to an outdoor unit through a small 3″ hole for power and refrigerant lines.

Just one outdoor unit can power up to 8 individual indoor units throughout your home or office. While they might be small in size, they pack a very powerful punch when it comes to additional comfort and energy savings.

Watch this video to learn more about ductless mini splits.


Cooling_Ductless_MitsubishiBenefits include:

  • Instant Comfort in Odd Rooms: your sunroom or home office will be instantly comfortable.
  • Whisper Quiet Performance: they’re even used to heat & cool recording studios.
  • Fresher Air: an ionizer field constantly freshens the air.
  • Customizable Options: wall or ceiling mounted units can be painted to match your space.
  • Major Energy Savings: keep the 30% of conditioned air that leaks from traditional ductwork.



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