Four Myths About Crazy High Power Bills

This time of year I typically see friends complaining on Facebook about their electric bills.

No doubt about it, this has been one long, hot summer, and everyone is about to get their highest bills in memory.

Folks are often searching for comparisons to someone else’s bill, but no two homes are alike.

So, with solid Building Science in mind, I’m about to bust 4 common myths related to your electricity bills.

Myth: I should be able to compare my electric bill with a friend who has a home with similar square footage.

Truth: False. In order of importance, after the size of your home here are other major things to consider.

  • Orientation to north
  • Tree/shading coverage
  • Age and condition of HVAC system
  • Thermostat set point
  • Ductwork condition and location (in attic, crawlspace, or inside)
  • Size, type and condition of windows
  • Roof overhang of windows
  • Insulation in walls and ceilings
  • Number of people occupying
  • Number of appliances
  • Air leakage of home

Myth: 70 degrees F is the perfect temperature.

Truth: Comfort is all about the humidity. 80 degrees and 40% humidity will feel the same as 70 and 60%. If you set your thermostat at 70 or below to be comfortable, you most likely have home performance issues.


Myth: Budget Billing is the answer to high summertime bills.

Truth: Budget Billing might be good for budgets, but it will also hide a poorly performing home.


Myth: A new HVAC system is all I need to solve my high bills and comfort issues.

Truth: Rarely. Your home must be evaluated as a part of the HVAC system. Many times, we can address comfort issues while keeping the old system. Getting a quote over the phone/internet or from a big box retailer is usually the first mistake. Call a professional who has a stake in your long-term comfort, like us!

If you’re experiencing comfort issues or have astronomical power bills, contact us and we can discuss options for your home.

In fact, we might solve many of your comfort mysteries with one of our affordable 21-point Cooling Tune-ups. This will tighten and lubricate every part of your cooling system to make sure it’s working at peak efficiency.

By solving some of your home’s energy problems and making sure your equipment is operating at peak efficiency, we should be able to bring down those bigger power bills on your behalf.

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