Suzanne’s Top 6 Spring Cleaning Tips

Well, if you’ve spent any time outside you know Spring has definitely sprung. In fact, everything seemed to be blooming over a month ago! I love this time of year, as the warmer weather and the natural beauty outside always motivates me to get my spring cleaning into gear to beautify the inside of my home.

While the typical spring cleaning tasks of mopping, dusting and decluttering are on all of our to-do lists, here are 6 lesser known areas that are well worth addressing while you’re wearing your rubber gloves!

Tip 1: Wash out your Washing Machine

If you have an energy efficient front loading washing machine, you may occasionally notice a sour odor on your clothes. This is a prime indicator that you have mold, soap scum or other gunk building up inside your washing machine.

Take an old rag or paper towels dipped in white distilled vinegar and give the inside of your machine and all around the glass door a good cleaning. Be sure to get deep into the folds of the rubber gasket or seal, which is the primary problem with foul smells. If it’s particularly bad, you can spray inside the washing machine with vinegar and let it sit for 15 minutes before wiping it down.

Once you’ve cleaned your washing machine, pour vinegar where you would normally use detergent and run a long, hot cycle or use the “tub clean” cycle if your machine has one.

Bonus Tip: Your machine also has a drain filter which may be clogged with hair, coins or other items left in pockets. These filters can get pretty funky, same with the hose next to them. Be prepared with an old rag or towel when draining or cleaning these areas.

Tip 2: Clean Fans, Lamps & Chandeliers

When you think about dirt and dust, flat surfaces like floors, tables and counters instantly come to mind. But, have you looked up? When is the last time you cleaned the blades of your ceiling fan? When fan blades are caked with debris, every time you turn them in warmer weather you’ll be slinging dust and allergens throughout your room.

Meanwhile, look closely at your lamp shades and lighting fixtures. These are notorious magnets for dust!

spring cleaning lampshade tips

If you have high ceilings, check out your home improvement store for many affordable options for cleaning and dusting tools with extended handles to make this chore much easier.

Bonus Tip: Using a lint brush on fabric lamp shades will make quick work of removing all that dust.

Tip 3: Cleaning your Cooktop 

You know all the food and sauces that seem to be baked onto your cooktop? Spray with white distilled vinegar or multi-surface Windex (safe on stainless steel), wait for a few moments then use an old toothbrush to remove the softened food from around the burners, knobs and dials on the stove top. Wipe up with paper towels or a rag and your cooktop will look as good as new!

spring cleaning range cook top

Bonus Tip: Watch for drips and debris while cooking and clean up immediately afterwards. It’s always easier to remove them right after they happen and well before they become cooked-on stains.

Tip 4: Keep your Kitchen Exhaust Filter Clean

Many folks neglect to clean their kitchen hood filter, leading to poor performance and stinky smells. The easiest way to cleaning that oily build-up is by simply sticking it in the dishwasher. The high water temperature and detergent will cut through all the grease without you having to use an ounce of elbow grease!

spring cleaning kitchen hood

Bonus Tip: Depending on how often you cook at home and use your kitchen hood, consider inserting the filter in the dishwasher monthly or as often as your range hood manufacturer recommends.

Tip 5: Vacuum Behind the Fridge

You probably vacuum and sweep regularly around the front of your refrigerator, as it’s an easy area to access. However, there are key components like the condenser coil at the bottom rear of your fridge that frequently need to be freed from dust bunnies and other debris, especially if you have pets. Otherwise, your appliance can shut down or fail due to overheating.

spring cleaning kitchen refrigerator

Modern refrigerators are on wheeled casters, which makes sliding them out much easier. Use your vacuum’s attachment hose to remove all dust and lint on your fridge’s coils or other parts, and in the flooring area where the fridge sits.

Bonus Tip: Eliminate lingering odors in your fridge by crumpling a piece of a brown paper grocery bag and leaving it inside for 48 hours to absorb odors.

Tip 6: Microwave Cleaning by Magic

The easiest way to make all those tomato sauce stains in your microwave disappear? Stick one cup of water and a chopped up lemon, lime or orange into a large microwave-safe boil. Set on high until the mixture comes to a boil and door shows steam, turn microwave off and let sit for 15 minutes. Open the door, remove the bowl and simply wipe down all surfaces with a cloth, sponge or paper towels. The steam does all the work and the citrus brings a fresh scent to the inside of your microwave.

spring cleaning microwave oven

Bonus Tip: When heating up your food in the microwave, cover it with a paper towel. This will keep your food from creating splatters which makes for a cleaner microwave.

I hope you find my top spring cleaning tips helpful as you embrace the season!

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